Ghosts of Gettysburg Tours

Ghosts of Gettysburg ToursWhat's all the hullabaloo about the ghost tour, "The Ghosts of Gettysburg"? We take one trip with them, and here is what we thought...

Having heard quite a bit about author Mark Nesbitt's Ghosts of Gettysburg, we decided to embark upon his ghost tour.

Mark Nesbitt began the first ghost walk in Gettysburg back in 1994. So, one could say he was an original. Being a former National Park Ranger, Mark began collecting ghost stories. As a professional historian and writer, it was natural for the information Mark gathered to find its way into a series of books by the same name. Today, the ghost tours, based upon his book series, are some of the most popular found within the country.

We elected to take a tour of the rich history found within the Baltimore street area. Our guide was one of the best I have experienced and his name is Larry.

Larry is an older gentleman who walks with a cane and has been doing tours with Ghosts of Gettysburg for six or seven years. He is also a very well-seasoned paranormal investigator. If you can take a ghost tour with Larry, you will not be disappointed.

Without giving all the details, I would like to share a little of what you will experience while on the Baltimore Street tour. Larry gave us an enlightening dissertation on the different types of ghosts one might experience. He also taught us about Lincoln's visit to the Gettysburg, while sharing various ghosts stories along the way.

While touring, Larry explained how one might experience a ghost and gave us the history of some of the buildings. His lesson about East High Street woke us up to the reality of how this small town had to undergo a transformation in order to treat the thousands of wounded and dying. One could easily imagine the moaning injured or the rotting corpses quickly decaying in the July heat.

Larry worked hard to not only provide thrilling ghost stories, but explained his understanding of ghosts and haunting, as well as all sorts of paranormal phenomena that one might encounter. It was like being in a college class room with all of us eager to learn more.

Probably the most unexpected and thrilling event of the evening was when Larry pulled out his audio recorder and began playing ghostly voices he and others had captured while ghost investigating. He wisely educated listeners that the message he records most from ghosts is “Help me.” Larry further explained why ghosts needs help and how all of us can assist them on their journey toward the light (See: Ghost Rescue).

If you find yourself in the small town of Gettysburg, may I suggest you visit the Ghosts of Gettysburg building and sign yourself up for one of their ghost tours. While there, be sure and look around at the ghost pictures which hang on the wall. You won't be disappointed.

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