Videos of Ghost Tours

What is a ghost tour like? Take some ghost tours by way of video and find out!

We have gathered a few stories by video of some of the better ghost tours around the United States (and England) that you can watch. (For more about ghost tours, be sure and check out our Ghost Tours section.)

Knowing that some simply do not know what to expect during ghost tours, we thought it best to show some examples of various ghost tours and their guides re-telling stories about haunted locations, tragedies and the like. This way you may glean an idea as to what ghost tours are all about...and what to possibly expect should you go on one. You'll be surprised to learn some ghostly history, as well as experience ghost tours as if you were there. Perhaps after learning about ghost tours, you'll be ready to book your own ghost tour and have a ghostly good time!

About the ghost tour videos...

Charleston, South Carolina
Charleston Ghost Tours offers several different ghost tours, and the history of this South Carolina city is rich with stories from the past to tell. You can visit an old jail, graveyard, or dungeon as some of the stops on their ghost tours.

Baltimore, Maryland Ghost Tours
The Baltimore Ghost Tours has created a sampling of what you may experience on their ghost tours. Join them at the city of Edgar Allen Poe and possibly experience ghost activity. You'll be able to listen to their ghost tour guides share some of the haunting history in this clip.

Savannah's Sorrell Weed House
The third documentary is about the Sorrell Weed House in Savannah, Georgia. Your tour guide is a Forrest Gump impersonator who once saw a ghost at this home. This ghost tour shows your around the house and grounds. They say Mr. Gump will give you a tour if you visit there...

Carson City, Nevada Ghost Tours
The Ghost Walk of Carson City, Nevada is a bit different. Actors are dressed up as ghosts on this ghost tour as they share the tragic history of this gold rush city. In October, this ghost tour looks to take people back to the past by making visitors feel as if they are listening to the stories of former residents.

An Example Ghost Tour in England
Kenilworth Castle in Warwickshire, England has a long history of haunting. This documentary made by a paranormal investigation team chronicles some of the ghost tours that take place there. Did the people on the ghost tours experience any ghostly phenomena?