Ghost Tours Pictures

Over the years, we have received thousands of ghost pictures, and many of them were taken on ghost tours. So, we decided to add a few "ghost tours pictures" to inspire our readers to take a ghost tour.

A ghost tour can be a great place to "ease into the paranormal," especially while vacationing. Be sure and check out our list of ghost tours to locate a ghost tour near your travels! Who knows? You may have a life-changing experience!

"My husband and I were walking back to our hotel room from a ghost tour in Gettysburg, PA. We were still snapping pictures, since the area by our hotel room was rumored to be haunted by children from the orphanage... It was a cool August night last year." - Stephanie

The following are links to ghost pictures taken during (or right after) ghost tours:

Myrtles Plantation Ghost Photo - An incredible ghost picture taken after the ghost tour that seems to show British soldiers!

Winchester Mansion Ghost Picture - Eerie misty image or reflection in an old mirror inside this famous ghost tour site.

Bird Cage Theater Ghost Picture - You can tour this old saloon, but don't be surprised if you run into a ghost! Interesting picture of a sleeved female...

Dover Castle Ghost Tour Picture - Looks like a mist floating overhead during this tour of the haunted location in Kent, England.

Nashville Ghost Tours Picture - Mist appears behind a man during photographs taken while on the ghost tour. Is it a ghost? You decide...

Haunted Queen Mary Ghost Picture - Tour the old ship and you too might capture a ghost photograph of spectres!

These ghost pictures should inspire you to grab your camera & join a ghost tour!