Ghost Tours of the Western US

Ghost Tours in the Western United StatesFind ghost tours and ghost walks in the Western United States...

Ghost tours are also known as a "ghost walk" (if the tour is not given from inside a vehicle), and often, can be very educational as well as entertaining. Some tour guides can really dress the part, becoming incredibly good story tellers. In fact, some of the ghost tour owners are published authors about the paranormal and ghosts found within their given region - true experts on local haunts.

For our listing in the West, we have covered 11 States, providing you with some more notable tour companies.

Western US Ghost ToursThe following are ghost tours found within the Western United States, listed by State, alphabetically. Each tour name can be Google searched to pull up the tour company's website for more information about dates, times and locations that are available:

Arizona Ghost Tours
Old Bisbee Ghost Tours
Ghost tours plus paranormal events and ghostly investigations.

Tombstone Ghost Tours
Voted one of the best ghost tours in this historic town of the West!

Tuscon Ghost Tour
The ghost host will lead you down a spine-tingling ghost tour at night!

California Ghost Tours
Haunted Haight Ghost Tour
Award winning ghost tour of San Francisco.

San Francisco Ghost Hunt
Get ready for a supernatural walking tour!

San Diego Ghost Tours
Haunted history and ghostly tours exploring San Diego's tragic past.

Haunted San Diego Ghost Tours
This is one of the best ghost tours in the city and is endorsed by the Whaley House.

Sonoma Ghost Tours
Haunted grave and winery tours.

Colorado Ghost Tours
The Brown Palace Ghost Tour
This legendary haunted hotel is a must to ghost tour.

Hawaii Ghost Tours
Hawaii Ghost Tours
Three ghost tours of Oahu, Honolulu, and an ancient are of sacred spirits.

Montana Ghost Tours
Tortured Souls Ghost Tour
ghost tour a Montana territorial prison. Located in Deer Lodge, MT.

New Mexico Ghost Tours
Albuquerque Ghost Tours
Learn about the history and haunts of Old Town. offers group, school, history and special tours along with events that they host!

Nevada Ghost Tours
Haunted Vegas Ghost Tours
Explore ghosts on this tour of Las Vegas - Sin City!

Oregon Ghost Tours
Northwest Ghost Tours
Walk with the Spirits in Oregon City.

Utah Ghost Tours
No listings, yet.

Washington Ghost Tours
Haunted Happening Ghost Tours
A van tour of some of Seattle's most haunted locations...

Ghost Tour Listings

Wyoming Ghost Tours
No listings, yet...