Ghosts 101

Foundational ghost understanding to get you started with your paranormal research...

Understanding ghosts can be tricky and subjective, especially when there is so much bad information out there based upon superstition.

We prefer theory and experiences over myths and legends. That is why we have been seeking observations and evidence from our audience since 2004.

Welcome to Ghosts 101.

Followed Home by a GhostGhosts 101 Tips: Can a Ghost Follow Me Home?
This is a great question, important, especially for those who wish to ghost hunt. Yes, ghosts can follow people home. There are no boundaries or rules which a disembodied person must follow, so there have been reports of people having had paranormal experiences at home after embarking on a ghost investigation. But, there have also been reports of ghosts following people to their houses from places with high levels of ghost activity such as hospitals and cemeteries. No one knows what the right recipe is for attracting an invisible follower - but know that it happens. Before ghost hunting, understand that having a hitchhiker ghost come with you is definitely a possibility.

Ghost Dangers?Ghosts 101 Tips: Are Ghosts Dangerous?
Allay your fears - ghosts are people. And although you might occasionally have one bad egg in the bunch, most ghosts are not evil in nature. That's not saying a specter won't be mischievious, either. However, because ghosts sometimes desire guidance or human interaction, often, ghostly behavior is misinterpreted as being nefarious. Best advice? Keep your cool.