What Is the Difference Between Ghosts & Spirits?

Are Ghosts the Same as Spirits?

We have contemplated much about the terms "ghosts" and "spirits" - what they mean and the possible differences between them. What are ghosts, and what are spirits? Are they the same? Our first inclination is that everything is spirit; so to say both terms, ghosts and spirits, in the same sentence, sounds sort of contradictory. However, we think to differentiate between them, for understanding of what is encountered in the paranormal, as well as human “condition,” is very important.

What is the Difference Between the Soul and Spirit?
Many witnesses of a death-bed, have reported the dying person seeing deceased loved ones waiting for them, before the person crosses over from earth to the next plane. When one passes (the physical body dies), it is well known that they are usually greeted by someone that is known to them or someone who is kind who assist them in the crossing-over experience. It is believed that their presence, wisdom and love helps to calm the dying person while relieving some fear of what lies in store on the next plane. Most near death experiences share this common thread as well as a reportedly overwhelming presence of light and peace. A tunnel of light, or at least some form of light, is Depiction of the Soultypically experienced either before or after these spirit guides are met. After a “reunion” with known people who have died and gone before them, a review of the newly departed's life occurs; this is then followed by the person gravitating to the level (a plane of either light or darkness) that matches the maturity or condition of their soul. We use the term, “soul,” because we feel the soul to be the individual - their unique personality, what makes a person who they are. As all of us are (and everything is) comprised of spirit, (all existing within one great spirit and spirit existing within all - a part of the whole of spirit, that some might call god), the soul is a label sometimes used todefine an individual spirit within the one, whole spirit. One might equate the word soul as being either the spirit, the person or the mind within the one, greater spirit's person or mind that is also spirit. There really is no difference between a soul and spirit as it is just “word play” for better understanding of the individual within the infinite spirit. Envision yourself as thoughts, memory and emotions moving within the one great mind of spirit, or energy or god (if you are religious). In that light, all individuals could be summed up as being thoughts, ideas, feelings and memories within the whole of divine energy.

The Spirit World: The Planes of Hells & Heavens
The realm of spirit, or “spirit world,” consists of many planes of existence, that which we shall try to describe based upon what we think is most plausible. There could be multiple levels of darkness. Some would call these, “hells.” They are temporary places that mirror the condition of a soul lost within the mind absorbed in self-condemnation in all forms. These hellish planes would be where "ghosts" dwell. The earth plane would run parallel to these lowest levels, allowing for (lower level) ghosts to be known in our world, from time to time. In contrast, we envision there are most likely infinite levels of heavens or planes of light that are also equal to the condition of one’s understanding. The heavens would hold those of a higher place of knowing.Spirit World

We might call these planes of enlightenment or elevated being. Therefore, the plan for all humanity will be to continue the ascent, ever growing; while descending would only occur if it were necessary to assist others in ascending out of darkness, their own personal hell, to join others in higher understanding (peace). One day, it is likely that we will comprehend that everything is connected and in unity - joined, and a greater peace, love, joy and truth will be understood. All of these spirits of light will most likely share in the task of bringing the whole of creation into the light of this peace, joy, love and truth. These are spirits.

We use the word “spirits” to indicate those who exist in, and visit from, the other side of “light.” Spirits could be loved ones such as family members, friends, unknown people, spirit guides, angels, etc., that come to visit people on this side of the grave for a purpose. What purpose might they have? I have come to believe that all of us are surrounded by spirits who speak to us messages of guidance, encouragement and love. Also, spirits may come to observe, watch over, and share experiences with us on this earthly plane. These individuals, or spirits, come from a higher place of understanding, thus living in light which is truth. This enlightenment is present in their countenance and presence. An enlightened spirit will be light and always bring a presence of peace and joy. If a message is delivered, then it is received from an angel. “Angel” means “messenger,” thus anyone that brings a message may be considered a messenger - an angel.

In contrast, ghosts are individuals who have not undergone the tunnel of light experience or life review. Their condition is one of darkness or lack of understanding, as they struggle with the present, past or future fears. Yet, other ghosts have been witnessed to be non-interactive with the physical world. Could this “residual-haunting” be recordings of prior events on the environment somehow, or could they just be disembodied people who are in the lowest depths of hell, completely lost in their mind through tragic events of the past? Could some ghosts even be unaware that their physical body has passed? Most ghosts have attachments to this world, such as emotional Near Death Experience: Tunnel of Lighttrauma, unfinished business, and fears that have held them to an existence among the physical world. This self-created prison, no matter what the reason, must be undone in them. If possible, those of us who are embodied need to speak peace and blessing to ghosts, should we encounter them. We can ask their loved ones to assist them as we speak words of comfort to them. Many ghosts seek only acknowledgement of their existence. They need to know that turning toward the light (and loved ones) will bring peace, love and joy to them…that there is no eternal damnation and that facing the future is a positive thing. Hell, or darkness, can only be a place to work through lack of understanding, traumas, negative emotions and other mis-thinkings contrary to truth. Truth is light, and light removes darkness. Certainly, loved ones on the other side will assist ghosts in getting free from such ignorance and help them in ascending toward freedom. Does love know any boundary? Can love overcome all obstacles in life? Surely it can, and surely would those who are enlightened assist those who are lost and suffering, due to a lack of love and wisdom.

Knowing a ghost is one that has not gone to the light and progressed through the life review, could it be that ghosts are the shadow people (dark shadows) we have photographed? Could darkness, represented in shadow ghosts, indicate the inner condition of an individual, such as hatred, anger, lack of knowledge, being lost, void of truth, etc? I must state that just because a shadow ghost is dark and lacking light does not mean it is bad or evil; and ghosts that are behaving badly are still only people who are hurting and have lost their way in life. They have sought hiding in darkness, and fear coming forth to the light, which will expose their deeds. Light always indicates enlightenment, wisdom, knowledge – truth. Therefore, could light anomalies that many have captured in photographs, such as orbs, energy, ectoplasm mists, etc, also be indicative of the condition of spirits that have come to us from the light? Have they come to our plane to observe, bring a message, guide, or protect us?

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