Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides

Everyone has benevolant spirits with them, those whom we will call "spirit guides." Spirit guides communicate with the living, though we may not be aware of their presence or influence in our lives. 

Spirit is a term used to describe the energy that encompasses all. Within this energy are different levels of existence - call them planes of enlightenment. All of humanity, including everything that is living, is elevating in wisdom and truth. It is evolution at its best. See: Spirit World

Spirit guides have a voice within us, and can be recognized best through the practice of meditation. These loving spirits speak deep inside us, communicating with our true person - Spirit. We often will have more than one guide in our life, for different purposes. Teachings differ, and so do the teachers who teach. What speaks to one person may not help another. So, the tools and the teachers vary according to what is required to get through to each individual. Spirit guides can also assist by helping to define direction. When a fork in the road is come upon, a person must make a decision as to which path to choose. Spirit guides will gently nudge us, but never make the decision for us. They are with us to shed light upon our situations, not live our lives for us. Yet, they too learn from our choices and life experiences. When we are blessed, so are they. All of Spirit is working to grow and elevate as a whole. It is a team effort, for what affects one affects the entire energy.

Spirits guides are as human as we are, but simply without physical bodies. They have lessons to learn in their elevation, as well. Spirit guides have their own personality and uniqueness just like all of us. Enlightened spirits can also approach us in whatever manner or form that will help us accept their assistance. If they need to appear as something we believe in, then they will do so. Spirit guides can appear as strangers, or may even be interpreted as being God speaking to us. It is all for the greater good.

Some believe that we have one Master Guide who is with us during our entire physical existence. This idea is no different than teachings of guardian angels, and may be the same thing. An angel is simply a messenger; and so, we find little difference between spirit guides and angels (even Biblical descriptions of angels are human in appearance, much like descriptions of spirit guides). The point of importance is to remember that all of us are of value and always have unseen spiritual help. And, the numbers of such ministering spirits are many. Even Jesus was said to describe angels who aided him in plurality.

Spirits who speak to us do so in order to aid our mind. The mind of mankind in general is focused on external, temporal things, causing all of us to forget we are eternal Spirit. Spirit guides help us to re-focus our lives on truth, understanding who we are from a much higher perspective. Sometimes, a particular, guiding spirit may no longer be needed as our teacher when the lesson has been learned by us. This just simply means a new teacher in Spirit will come to guide us toward our next lesson.

Spirit guides can often be seen by children and may be interpreted as an imaginary friend or playmate. Over time, such children may lose their ability to see benevolant spirits, due to the conditioning of the mind to the physical environment.Spirit guides can bring messages to us through thought (that we often believe to be our own), and through mental imagery. Dreams and visions may be used by spirits to speak to us. Other times, messages might be heard through an audible voice. Whatever helpful manner of communication is required to reach a person may be used by guiding spirits. Some people find it easy to comprehend their guides, while others struggle to believe in their existence. Each person needs to work to discern the voice of Spirit, for everyone receives differently. Spiritual experiences are just that: experiences with Spirit.

Native Americans and other tribal cultures have a rich heritage of beliefs in spirit guides. Often, their spirit guides appear in the forms of animals known as "totems." By identifying a certain animal with one's life, the appearance of the same animal will denote to the individual that an important message is being conveyed. Such spirits are taught to be protectors and guides through life.

Many believe there are three types of spirit guides:

  • Relative/Friend Guide: A person who knew us in this lifetime, being either a relative or friend, who aids our daily life, also greeting us when it comes time to transition from this world to the next.
  • Spirit Guide: A spiritual teacher or messenger (angel) whom we may have known before incarnating into the physical world. This person in Spirit helps us to learn spiritual lessons through our life experiences.
  • Master Guide: One who is with us in Spirit from birth through to our physical passing. This guide most likely helps us with our life-path, giving direction, protection and guidance, much like beliefs in guardian angels.  

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