Soul Groups

The term "soul groups" is a phrase used to describe the collection of spirits that are with all people. Each soul, or person, has a soul group of which they are part. As you read on, you will find that this idea is well known within those who work with past life regression or hold beliefs in reincarnation. Also, our experiments have concluded that there are spirits who are not only with those of us living on Earth but also with ghosts who are "earthbound."

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Soul Groups and Incarnations
Everyone on Earth is part of a soul group and is here, incarnated within physical bodies, for learning more about themselves.
People are here to learn different lessons.
Pre-incarnation: a soul group may consist of people who are going to incarnate and those who will remain behind the veil to assist such as spirit guides and angels.
During Incarnation: a soul group will include all members of the group on both sides of the veil. Spirit guides of one soul group may work with other spirit guides from other soul groups to facilitate learning.
Spirit guides work with those in their group but might also communicate with other spirit guides to bring about events/conversations that help the souls learn. Example would be Walt and I being part of different soul groups but still being brought together to communicate new truths we are learning.

Soul Group ExampleSoul Groups and Ghosts
People on the other side of the grave who were incarnated and passed who are trying to reach the ghost; spirit guides who did not incarnate with the ghost and are trying to reach the ghost. Both are trying to make contact to bring the lost soul back from the Earth trauma.

Jesus and His Soul Group
Jesus speaking with Moses and Elijah with Peter, James and John (one complete soul group?) or Jesus choosing his disciples (they were already part of his soul group before he was incarnated), John the Baptist being the spirit of Elijah and some believing Jesus was Elijah returning - yet, Elijah was speaking with him from the other side of the veil and was part of his soul group.

Biblical Mentions of the Soul Group and/or Reincarnation
Cloud of witnesses, coming in the clouds, angels ascending and descending upon the son of man, mentions of possible reincarnation (such as people not recoginizing Jesus after his return (Road to Emmaus), etc.

Soul Groups & Healing
Is it possible that healing and prayer circles are joined by soul groups who...

Soul Groups: Interaction