What the Spirit World Looks Like

What Does the Spirit World Look Like? Explore Our Theory About the Spirit Realm...

The picture below represents the Angels & Ghosts theory concerning the "other side of the grave," or "realm of the spirit" (sheol, Hebrew or hades, Greek) - the spirit world. We suspect there are progressions in learning and the undoing of error (mistaken thinking, or sin) in our belief systems. The condition of one's soul would dictate which spirit world or heaven that person finds their own existence within.

As the soul progresses on it's journey unto perfection, the spirit world it is able to live within changes, as well. This is not to say that we are not already perfect, because it is possible that all are perfect in spirit. However, as long as we believe otherwise, there are false beliefs which must be eradicated. Didn't Christ say we are to be holy as He (God, spirit) is holy? To be implies we have a choice. In our diagram of the spirit world, each level represents a place or state of learning, light and love - even more so as one ascends from level to level.

Ascension in the Spirit World
We believe the beauty that is found within most of the spirit world to be unimaginable. We suspect that everyone and everything is progressing unto perfection, because we are all one. Will all progress beyond and become as angels? Possibly. When Jesus stated that some would become as angels in heaven, there is a truth to be understood concerning angels. What we call angels are very likely humans who have ascended spiritually. The word "angel" means "messenger." In our model, they have the desire and task of speaking to all of us to assist in our ascension in the spirit world. This would explain the biblical story of "Jacob's ladder" as "angels" who ascend (first), then descend (to assist others in their ascension). Therefore, it would be possible for those who have ascended into the higher realms of heaven, to descend to help those in need. The learning process in all spirit realms is that of love, learning to love all and experience the oneness of all of creation.

Spirit World Chart (at right)The Spirit World: Realms
The earth bound realm is the place where ghosts dwell, in a state of lower, spiritual understanding: darkness. This is due to their attachment to earthly desires and motivated by fear. It is one of the hells. It should be noted that heavens (higher states) or hell (lower states) are both attainable now on earth as they represent states of mind. Ascended, enlightened spirits can also view actions on earth for lessons or act as messengers from the spirit world to us. This is why we are surrounded by spirits or a "cloud of witnesses" as the Bible states in the book of Hebrews. The spring represents the eternal life path of growing out of darkness toward light through gaining greater understanding of who we are and our place within humanity. This understanding allows us to receive more and more peace, joy and love: light.

Learning About the Spirit World From NDEs
According to people who have had a near death experience and visited the spirit world, there are different things which may first take place. Usually a tunnel of light is experienced (and spirit guides - angels may be present to help eliminate the fear of crossing over), and the person will find themselves in a "life review." This is for learning purposes and is sometimes called, "the judgment." This is not for punishment but is more of a reflection of what a person focused on during the earthly life. If the judgment is painful, it is only due to the person's own mind bringing self condemnation.

After the life review, the soul will naturally gravitate to its place of habitation in the spirit world based upon its condition. If it is cleansed through the process of judgment, the person will ascend. Some believe this to be due to the level of vibration: the higher the vibration, the more love is at work within the person; the lower the vibration, the worse the condition of the person, possibly existing within temporary darkness or what some call "the void" or "abyss." This is why some enter right into heaven and others directly into hell. Again, hell and heaven are not geographical places but states or conditions of the mind. The Kingdom of God is within us now, and what we have created during our earthly lives will be experienced in the afterlife. This is why we read Jesus stated to store up "treasure in heaven."

More Notes and Ideas About the Spirit World
Descriptions of the heavenlies in the spirit world are simply breathtaking and seem to be of pattern similar to earth's natural environments. Time does not exist there, so many near death experiences have been described like a life-time of experiences; yet at the same time, the person felt like they had only been gone for a minute or so. Hells, on the other hand, are described as darkness with like-souls gathering together amongst strange creatures, etc, - again with no time. Thus, hell can be experienced for ages or moments based upon each individual's choice. The hells can be ascended up and out of when one learns the lessons needed for their own spiritual growth. There is no eternal punishment, for spirit is love and wishes all to be saved from their own wrong choices. Reincarnation is a choice for those who have not yet realized their oneness with the one Great Spirit whom dwells within all and all dwells within. The journey of life seems to be a lesson to teach people to learn to meet with spirit within their own being, to follow the spirit within and not the ego of self indulgence and pleasure, to love all, give all and heal all. When the realization that the Kingdom of God, meaning everything - the spirit of no lack, is within all is understood, reincarnation is no longer necessary and the cycle ends. Reincarnation is known as the spiritual resurrection; and the resurrection of the body is known as being born of the spirit. When one leaves religious fear behind and becomes spiritually-minded by seeking spirit (love) within, this is known as being "enlightened," "born-again," reaching "nirvana" or attaining "gnosis." The truth can only be found in this place where peace dwells and love is experienced. Jesus' true message was not to look outwardly for spiritual enlightenment but to look to the spirit within, for theĀ "Kingdom of God is within you."

Mirror Reflecting Back Our LivesThe Purpose of the Physical Realm
So, what is the purpose of this physical world in which we now find ourselves living within? It is our theory that this world we know is used to bring us to the realization of "self." Time on earth is for lessons in learning. Think back to your earliest memory. Somehow, if we look deep enough, we may feel like we have always existed in some way; but there came a point in time when I became aware of my individuality or became "conscious" of my own existence. Certainly, we are all part of the whole; but we are subject to its' force that is like a river with its' contents flowing to a predetermined, final destination. Yes, "self" is important and not something to be done away with. We must come to the knowledge of our own creative power within the whole and the laws that operate within that whole of spirit. If I "mis-think" and thus, "mis-create," there is a self-imposed price to be paid. Some call this "karma" or "an eye for an eye." While we do not see that price to be never-ending punishment, we do see it as necessary and of our own creation. That is the law of spirit: attack and be attacked. Can one truly attack anything other than one's own self? Life is like a mirror which reflects back to the one who stands before it. Either I see love, joy and peace through giving the same; or I see fear, condemnation and guilt, through giving the same. My final destination, no matter which choice I make, cannot be altered except in the amount of time I choose for the things of suffering to endure. When the things of suffering no longer exist in me, then only eternal love, joy and peace remain.

We believe the journey then must still continue. That journey in the spirit world will never end but will be joyous in ever-learning and ever-knowing more. The more progression is made upward through the spirit realms, the more like our heavenly Father we become, possessing and ever-increasing in love, knowledge of our immortality and wisdom, progressing through the spirit world in oneness, at complete peace. Some say there are ten heavens; but, just maybe, they are infinite.