Ghost Attacks

A compilation of shared experiences concerning ghost attacks, specifically, what people have encountered...

We have chosen to keep these very real accounts of attack anonymous as they were shared with us in the spirit of seeking answers or our help. We hope that descriptions of ghost attacks will help others, especially those who are experiencing similar phenonemona, understand that haunting can sometimes become elevated and, of course, frightening.

Ghost Attack 1: Scratching, Burning, Sleep Attacks
My son and I been having things happen to us while we are sleeping. My son has been scratched several times, always in a three or four pattern. I too have been scratched while showering, again, in the three or four lines. I can feel someone in my bed at night. A couple of times I thought it was one of my children getting into bed with me, but I opened my eyes to find no one. I NEVER told anyone about my nightly experiences. My oldest son told his father (who does not live in the home) that at night he feels someone watching him sleep. Then, he feels scratches burning him almost from the inside out. I too have had this happen to me several times. I don't know what to make of all this. Can you please advise me with a solution?

Ghost Attack 2: Scratching of Children
Last year I noticed this marking on her (my daughter's) back that appeared to have been scratched into her skin. It looked like a long rectangular box with some strange numbers and symbols inside of it. There were 3 odd looking symbols that looked like the letters X E X or something like that, and they were in a strange type of 'script'. Some very scary and strange things were going on in the house we were living in at that time, and this was very disturbing to me to see something scratched into my child's back that was completely unexplained. We no longer live in that house but I am still very bothered by what this might be. Can you give me any info on it or maybe point me in the direction where I might get help?

Real Accounts of Ghost AttacksGhost Attack 3: Scratches
Activity has really picked up in the house. Not just the occasional visit, I can handle that. My son was scratched on the back of the neck while he was sitting in the kitchen eating dinner. I was bright enough this time to take a photo of it with my phone.

Ghost Attack 4: Feeling Sick or Drained in the Home
I recently witnessed something at my mother's home via (Apple) Facetime and was speaking to my stepfather and saw a ghost in the video. My little brother passed away in the home, and he always said it was evil. Since his passing, things happen to my mom. She swears she was pushed through a wall. Everyone in the home stays drained, sick. My sister faints and there are odors of death a lot. Now seeing this myself, we need advice.

Ghost Attack 5: Attacked During the Dreamstate / Upon the Bed
Something is in here that is reeking havoc, and we both have noticed strange happenings going on here, recently. Over the last week, or so, it's as if something has been knocking things out of our hands. It's weird. If it's paranormal, then it's violent.

My husband was in the kitchen, tonight, and he had pulled out the container of flax seed (he's on a health kick). He was holding the container in his hand firmly and had a tight plastic lid on it. He felt as if something knocked it out of his hand. Flax seed all over the kitchen! I spent an hour cleaning it all up. Then with me...I was picking up a gallon jug of water, had a handle, like the ones you buy at the store. I was picking it up to fill the coffee pot, and it flew out of my hand. Needless to say, water everywhere.

Buy a Book to Get Rid of Ghosts!(I also had) an attack in my dream and in bed. I woke up to still being pushed down into the mattress. I was still calling for my husband to help me, but it's as if I couldn't get the words out. It took me a couple of minutes to work myself free to where I could get off the bed. It was as if there were hands placed on my back, pushing me down. How it worked out to be part of the dream, but real upon waking and actually happening, was strange. I wasn't scared. I was more pissed off more than anything. If I could have seen this being, I would have knocked the crap out of him or it for putting it's hands on me.

Ghost Attack 6: Ghost Possession
I have been suffering four one year from an angry ghost inside my body, that is one of my friend's mother who committed suicide 1 year ago. She was always a fighter, especially with her daughter, and took that decision to end her life. She wanted to stop her daughter's wedding. In order to stop the wedding, she took her life. I went and stayed 2 days at the home. After that visit, I'm suffering a lot, but she also does not help. Please tell me what Ishould do to send her out of my body.


Some Final Thoughts
Our recommendation in cases of haunting is to source a gifted psychic medium who is adept at helping ghosts move forward to where they will find peace and leave the home or person(s) behind. This is typically the quickest solution to resolving ghost attack encounters. Never provoke and remain strong by not showing fear.

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