Scientific Proof of Ghosts?

Will There Ever Be Scientific Proof of Ghosts?
Even the best evidence gathered by paranormal investigators will likely never be accepted, even considered, by scientific communities as undeniable proof that ghosts exist. It may take science itself to finally prove, one way or the other, that life continues on beyond the grave.

In late June 2010, such scientific research was published in the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research. Dr. Barrie Colvin, who does not believe in life after death, has been studying ghostly knocks and noises emanating from various cases of poltergeist-type haunting for five long years. His findings are set to convince a few skeptics that some paranormal activity, specifically odd noises created by ghosts, is real.

Scientific Research of Ghosts
Using advanced scientific equipment to analyze sound waves believed to be made by ghosts during haunting, Dr. Colvin has found that these sounds are strikingly different Science, Ghosts, Einsteinwave forms when compared to known noises created by people, animals, or anything else found within our world. The paranormal acoustic wave forms have no conventional explanation by Dr. Colvin or his fellow scientists. Being skeptics, the results of the experiments have left them dumbfounded. In short, these findings were not expected. Colvin's publication about ghosts within a well-respected scientific journal is sure to spark debates among scientists.

What Ghost Experiments Are Next?
Dr. Colvin plans to continue analyzing noises created by ghosts, but this time he will take his research into the parlors of psychic-mediums. He hopes to record ethereal noises that are heard during ghost communications, namely seances, analyzing the wave forms in order to test if these are truly made by souls of the dead. If these experiments confirm his earlier findings, then Dr. Colvin is convinced it would provide even stronger evidence for the existence of ghosts and spirits.

What Can We Do In the Meantime While Science Seeks More Scientific Proof?
For those of us who have investigated numerous cases of haunting and experienced ghostly manifestations, we no longer need convincing that ghosts are real. Furthermore, it almost becomes fruitless to continue to try and gather evidence solely for the purpose of convincing others. The paranormal is something that needs to be witnessed, experienced personally. When the reality of something greater than the eyes can see smacks us in the face, it is only then, that it would seem our mind can become open to considering that there is more beyond the earth plane.

Once we are convinced, after we know that the soul of a person truly lives on after the body perishes, it seems more fruitful to seek understanding as to why ghosts remain behind with the living. We should question if they need help, and if so, what we can do to abate their suffering. Instead of gathering evidence for the sake of gathering evidence, why not attempt to resolve a ghost's issues and help a lost soul find peace? Why not solve a haunting?