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Interesting and fun things about ghosts...Fun Ghost Stuff: Pop Culture
Pop culture in the United States has really been impacted by our beliefs in ghosts. From cartoons such as Scooby Doo andCasper the Friendly Ghost to major motion picture blockbusters such as Ghostbusters or Paranormal Activity, generations have had their opinions concerning ghosts influenced in some way. Today, it seems there is even more books, TV shows, websites, phone apps, music, movies, etc, available on the subject. And because of this, what we believe has, oftentimes, been altered to fit a more commercial and fearful version. Yes, ghosts are here with us to stay, because for many, we wrestle with our mortality. It is good that we enjoy and consider all ideas about ghosts; but we should also know that money and advertising is motivation behind much of what we receive from various media. So, stories get embellished and fear becomes the norm.