Ghost Web Cams

Ghost Web CamsGhost web cams are listed below that allow you to hunt for ghosts and the paranormal...

Ghost cams monitor haunted hallways and rooms...if you see something out of the ordinary, then simply save the picture to your hard drive by "right clicking" and selecting "save as". Webcams now bring you a way to ghost hunt right from your computer!

List of Popular Webcams for Ghost Hunting:
Ghost Cameras
Website devoted to keeping haunted places open to the public - watch for signs of haunting!

Willard Library Ghost Cams
Three Web Cams monitor three areas for the Lady in Grey and other ghosts. Don't do these webcams during the day, or you will capture library patrons, not ghosts!

The Paranormal World Ghost Cam
TPW covers an 1843 castle with four web cameras.

David's Ghost Cam
Six ghost webcams set up in a 100 year old Victorian house. Cool idea.

Lincolnshire Ghost Webcam
Ghost webcam set up on the roof of an old cinema is very active.

Doll House Ghost WebCam
Can you watch these dolls move on this cam? If so, are they haunted? You decide!

Ordshall GhostCam
Famous for its resident spirits, search for ghosts in the United Kingdom!

Ghost Watch Ghost Cam
This ghost webcam is a purported fake. Still pretty cool, though...

Newstead Abbey Web Cam
Archived clip from Nottinghamshire spook cam...what do you see?

Paris Catacombs Ghost Cam
Freaky underground place of the dead has a webcam in one of its tunnels. Speak French?

Gettysburg Battlefield Ghost Cam
Watch one of the most haunted locations in the U.S. for ghosts - especially look for ghost lights at night!

Ghost Web Cams: Internet Ghost Hunting
Ghost webcams allow many to safely ghost hunt from the security of their home. By providing a live video feed of a certain haunted area, spectators can sit and watch as the web camera refeshes itself periodically, showing a new image each time. Though the image may appear the same as the one previously seen, some will notice subtle differences. These differences can be caused by technical and natural interferences, but sometimes an anomaly is spotted that appears as possibly being a ghost. What's exciting about webcams is the fact that one can simply save the questionable image to their own personal computer, for closer examination. Many ghost webcam sites ask for such pictures to be e-mailed to them for their own evaluation and posting.

At Angels & Ghosts, we have had the good fortune of receiving many ghost webcam images, with some of the results being quite phenomenal. Probably the most popular collection of ghost hunting webcams can be found on the Willard Library's website. They claim a grey lady haunts the haunted library - can you find her?

Ghost Web Cams Tip: Webcam Watcher
If you really want to get serious with ghost hunting via web cams, may we suggest downloading a free webcam watching program that allows you to load multiple ghost cams onto one page. One example of such a program is Webcam Watcher. Add some web cam video streams from our list into Webcam Watcher, and you will be able to set the time for each webcam to refresh, at different speeds, while watching live. Webcam Watcher will then collect each refreshed image, allowing you to later scroll through them looking for ghosts - the differences being easily detected by comparing images.