Cool Web Cams: Paranormal and Abnormal

Cool Web CamsMore web cam websites that allow you to watch for leprechauns, the loch ness monster and more! Paranormal cams that are not all ghastly, per se, but down right interesting, magical or cool!

Select a paranormal (or abnormal) web cam. It will open up in a new browser window. See if you can capture something mythical or just plain funny!

Pyramids at Giza Web Cams
Watch the ancient Egyptian site...very cool!

Bourbon Street Cam
Watch New Orleans get crazy during Mardi Gras! You will see lots of spirits - just not sure they are entities!

Leprechaun Webcam
This cool webcam allows one to search for the little guy and his pot of gold!

Eerie Ghost Cam
This webcam is just for fun. Do you see a ghost? Oh, you will...beware!

Lochness Monster Webcams
Fascinating webcams set up on Loch Ness so you can hunt for "Nessie."