Best Video Game Ghosts!

Best Video Game Ghosts!For fun, we decided to list some of our favorite ghosts found within video games...

Ghosts have appeared in different types of games (even board games) for decades, but the moving video gave life to these earthbound spirits. Some ghosts that came to mind and made our list are classics, while others are just downright scary. We're certain our list will not meet everyone's taste in video game ghosts, but our top entities are definitely memorable.

Our picks for the best ghosts found within various video games:

Pacman Ghosts1 - Pacman - Who can forget the original ghosts, Pinky, Inky, Blinky, and Clyde? They weren't scary, but we still found ourselves running from them!

Ghostbusters: Slimer Ghost2 - Ghostbusters - Slimer is eternally the favorite ghost from the long list of spirited entities found within the Ghostbusters video game.

F.E.A.R. Video Game Ghost "Alma"3 - F.E.A.R. - "Alma" the ghost girl is weird and feared by many, making her a top video game ghost. Alma has moved from the silver screen and into the gamers' dreams, er, nightmares!

Fatal Frame Ghost4 - Fatal Frame - You have to have nerves of steel to meet these ghosts face to face and complete the game! Can you stare them down up close without freaking?

Mario Bros. Game: "Boo" Ghost5 - Mario Bros - The boos seem docile enough, but they can do some damage if you don't face them! Plus, who can resist their ghostly giggle?

Silent Hill Video Game: Nurse Ghost6 - Silent Hill 2 - The nurse in this video game is one of the creepiest ghosts we've seen! Her bizarre way of walking gives us the willies!

Ghosts of Pokemon7 - Pokemon - The ghosts from the video game, Ghastly, Haunter, Gengar, and Misdreavus are quite popular among Pokemon enthusiasts.

LeChuck the Evil Ghost Pirate8 - Monkey Island - LeChuck the evil ghost pirate has a knack for returning, even after he is defeated!

Undying Video Game9 - Clive Barker's 'Undying' - Strange assortment of eerie ghosts makes our top list of best ghosts in video games.