Ghost Car!

A see-through automobile that looks like a phantom!

The 1939 Pontiac Deluxe Six was created for that same year's World's Fair in New York, where it debuted. Displayed within the GM Futurama exhibit was what many have since called "the ghost car." Only one was built at that time; and its body was see-through, being constructed out of Plexiglas. This type of acrylic plastic was something very new and exciting for its day. When engineers for General Motors decided to construct the body of a car from the resin, its clear properties allowed visitors to see how the Deluxe Six car was put together.

The motor of the ghost car was painted white to complete the ghostly look. Tires and moldings were also made in white. Many parts were chromed to create an mystifying effect. To complete the invisible appearance of the ghost car, all carpeting and insulation that would have been on the floors and within the doors and trunk were not added to it.

Many do not know it, but another ghost car was built in 1940 to displayed at the same 1939 Pontiac Ghost Car - Plexiglas Body event. It differed, having a new front end and grill for that year. In July 2011, one of the ghost cars came up for auction after remaining with one family for 3 decades.