Haunted House Paper Model

Haunted House Paper ModelDownload, print and make our paper model of a haunted house!

Our model is easy and fun to make for Halloween or as a simple project you can make for yourself or with your kids. You'll need a color printer, some white cardstock (heavier weight paper), tape or glue, and a pair of scissors. That's it!

Instructions for Constructing Your Haunted House
There are three pieces to download that will assemble into a haunted house. For best results, we suggest printing the image on cardstock in color, but it still works on regular copy paper.

Once your paper haunted house is printed, simply cut out the pieces, fold the black tabs and roof line, and either glue or tape it together. It's an easy and fun project.

Downloading the Model
There are three sections of the house to download. Depending on how your web browser works, either right click on each paper haunted house link, selecting "save as" or "save link as", or click on the link to download it onto your computer. If clicking the link opens the image of the haunted house in your browser, you can right click on the art and select "save image as" to download each page of the model.