Ghosts & Religion

Ghosts in ReligionsUnderstanding different religious ideals as it relates to ghosts and haunting...

Do you have religious beliefs? Have you examined how those beliefs impact your perception of ghosts and haunting? If you wish to be a great ghost researcher, then we recommend eventually examining different religions and their teachings about ghosts. We also urge you to attempt to lay down preconceived religious ideas, researching with an open mind. We have found that religion and ghosts do mix!

Belief in Ghosts Within ReligionMost Religions Hold Beliefs Ghosts
It may come as a shock to some in the West, but most of the world's major religious faiths do account for the existence of ghosts in some form or fashion. They may not reference them within their doctrinal teachings as "ghosts," per se, but spirits that behave like ghosts are well known within the theologies of most cultures. Within those religions, certain denominations, sects, schools, cults, etc,, of course, may differ from the mainstay.