Ghosts and Spirits in the Bible

Are ghosts in the Bible? Human spirits in the texts of the Christian and Hebrew Bibles...

Ghosts in the BibleWe present this to show the Christian religious that, yes, the Bible does contain ghosts, or "spirits." Some within christian religion believe that ghosts do not exist because they were taught that when one dies, they are either in heaven or hell. This idea, metaphorically is correct, but if taken literally, is incorrect. Read on, and we'll explain this idea further, showing that ghosts were truly a part of Jesus' ancient world.

Ghosts in the Bible: Heaven and Hell Explained
We have found that heaven is simply the realm of spirit; and hell is the state of a mind bound by fear created through mistaken thinking and beliefs. Religious, Christian doctrines can create much of the fear that places people in a self-created hell or prison of the mind, especially if fearful beliefs are pushed upon masses. Ghosts are possible because the spirit realm and physical realm co-exist; yet are on different planes. Ghosts are people in fear whose bodies have expired. If they were in hell, mentally, before death, they will be in hell, mentally, after death: the perfect recipe for a ghost. Not all ghosts, however, are in mental anguish - but they do walk in some form of fear or connection to the past which can be the same thing. Some ghosts seem to just be residual spirit energy, or thoughts we have created, left over from traumatic or emotional past events. If you doubt the existence of ghosts because of what you were taught within your religion, know that the Christian Bible is full of paranormal activity, so why not ghosts? It is time for you to have an open mind, because we assure you that ghosts do appear in the Bible; but, you just need to know where to find them.

Ghosts in Christianity: The Bible As Proof
Ghosts and spirits are one in the same - they are people on the other side of the grave, in the afterlife, if you will. They are common in scripture. One of the first verses that most are aware of is in I Samuel 28:15, where Saul has a medium, "call up" the prophet Samuel from the other side of the grave:

"And Samuel saith to Saul, Why hast thou troubled me, to bring me up?"

Some Christians may reason that God allowed this to "seance" to occur on just one occasion. And, Fundamentalist Christians have tried to say that this wasn't a ghost but Samuel who was temporarily resurrected back to life. Or, they may even say that this wasn't Samuel at all, but a deception from the psychic-medium - a trick. Yet, the scripture is very clear that this was Samuel; and as Samuel had died and crossed over to the other side, that would make him a spirit or ghost. This passage should also plainly show that mediums can have contact with people on the other side of the grave. This medium, who Saul used, saw many people in spirit, when she was calling up Samuel to come forth. One should also note in this verse that Samuel had maintained his form of an old man wearing a mantel. This is description is exactly like many documented ghost sightings of apparitions that report the ghost to be garbed in period dress from their time here on earth.

Bibilical Scriptures of GhostsGhosts in the Bible's New Testament
When examining the Christian New Testament for ghosts, we see Jesus having "appeared" to many after his resurrection. To "appear" indicates the idea of manifesting from the invisible to the visible, just as a spirit or ghost might manifest, from the spirit to the physical realm. It is interesting to note that he "appeared" to Simon (Luke 24:34); and he "appeared" to Mary Magdalene (Mark 16:9). Jesus "appeared" to two of his followers in a different form that was not recognizable to them. What does that mean? They had a conversation with him and still didn't recognize Jesus physically? Yes, the scripture says he appeared in a different form. Mark 16:12,

" two of them, as they are going into a field, walking, he was manifested in another form."

He also "appeared" to the eleven disciples and stood in the midst of them during their conversation (Luke 24:36). Can you imagine that? He slipped into their midst, right before their eyes, from the realm of spirit. But what is interesting to note is Jesus' statement concerning their fear of him after "appearing" before their eyes. Luke 24:39,

"...handle me and see, because a spirit does not have flesh and bones, as you see me having."

Well, at first blush, one might argue, "Hey, Jesus wasn't a ghost because he had flesh and bone." We would have to agree, but I might add that Jesus still was "appearing" like a ghost might do. Does flesh and bone "appear" out of thin air? However, the biggest point might be missed if one does not further consider Jesus' statement about not being a ghost...he was in effect stating that spirits and ghosts do exist; but, he was not like them! So, Jesus knew about the existence of ghosts, pointing out how he was different from them.

This common belief in ghosts is found in another New Testament passage, as well. You may remember Jesus walking on the water towards his disciples who were in a boat on the sea. The verse in Matthew 14:26 states:

"...and the disciples having seen him walking upon the sea, were troubled saying, 'It is an apparition,' and from the fear they cried out."

Apparitions, ghosts, were obviously believed to exist and even by the followers of Jesus who were learning rapidly about the spirit realm from him. Other people obviously believed in ghosts during Jesus' time on earth because spirits or ghosts "appeared" in the city of Jerusalem after Jesus' resurrection. Matthew 27:52-53,

"...and the tombs were opened, and many bodies of the saints who have fallen asleep, arose; and having come forth out of the tombs after Jesus' rising, they went into the holy city and appeared to many."

The writer of Hebrews also mentions that spirits and ghosts are all around us, in Hebrews 12:1,

"Therefore, we also having so great a cloud of witnesses set around us."

This, to us, this is biblical affirmation of the spirit and physical realms co-existing with one another but on different planes. It is a spiritual truth, that what exists here on earth, must first exist in the spirit realm; for spirit is the life-giving force behind all. And that spirit is God or energy. Energy is life. The Bible proclaims this idea directly within the Lord's prayer,

"On earth (physical realm), as it is (first) in heaven (the realm of spirit)."

The Biggest Bible Message About Ghosts and Spirits
But there is one last Bible passage we wish to share, that many overlook, that doctrinally proves the appearance of spirits from the spirit realm to those of us in the physical world. That verse can be found in Mark 9:4, in the famous Mount of Transfiguration passage:

"...and there appeared to them, Elijah with Moses, and they were talking with Jesus."

Don't miss what you just read. Take a minute and think about it. This passage not only confirms that spirits appear to the living, but it also teaches another very important spiritual truth: Jesus spoke with people on the other side of the grave. Therefore, those on the other side of the grave can speak to us, and we can speak to them! Jesus, who we are told is to be our example, showed us that some spirits communicate with us. Why did Jesus choose to reveal this truth only to James, John and Peter? To us, spirit communication has been discredited by some Christian leaders and doctrines. Yet, Jesus felt it important enough to reveal to what was really going on "behind the scenes." He seemed to understand quite a lot about what was going on "behind the veil" of this physical world. Perhaps, we should follow his example and not fear ghosts; but seek to understand the truth of the our relationship with those in the spirit realm.