Understanding Darkness, Light & Paranormal Phenomena

A look at the paranormal and how it aligns with the mental state of being lost versus internal enlightenment...

For more than a millenium, witnesses have been describing ghosts, angels and spirits in various forms, ranging from very dark blackness to purifying bright light.

After years of studying paranormal phenomena, we couldn't help but draw comparisons between light and dark anomalies with the descriptions of entities (also either of darkness or light) found within the Bible. All sorts of unexplained 'things' have been photographed, video recorded and witnessed by both average joes and professional ghost investigators.

Are these paranormal anomalies, or even supernatural entities, described in biblical passages from 2000 years ago?

Darkness, Light & Paranormal Phenomena

Ghost Investigators and Their Evidence

In ghost hunting, it is common for ghost hunters to capture images of light in photos such as round balls called “orbs,” mists, ectoplasmic vapors and other paranormal phenomena. However, it is also known that some ghost pictures contain images of 'darkness.'

These 'dark' images are sometimes referred to as shadow people or dark shadows. They are living entities. We know this because dark beings that look like normal shadows have been recorded moving about just like entities of light have also been recorded in motion on video.

What’s even more interesting is the fact that some paranormal investigators have witnessed these shadow people being playful. This would suggest that they very well could be children, albeit in a different state, playing with one another. Somehow, they can be visible in our realm.

You might wonder how deceased children could become beings of darkness? How could the dark be good when we have been taught in every Hollywood cowboy movie that the man dressed in black is always bad and the guy in white is the hero? Wouldn’t it make sense that the entities of light, such as angels, are always good, and dark entities are always evil? Probably not. Read on.

Assumptions About the Spirit Realm

When attempting to understand the spirit world, we might assume that there is only one spirit (energy) and that all that is, exists within it. Some of the most enlightened people to ever walk the earth taught this idea. So if true, we are all one connected energy.

The Bible also sheds understanding about the enigma of dark and light. Jesus often taught that darkness equated to 'not understanding.' A lack of comprehension infers that we might not know, or understand, the truth of who we are (or who we all are as one connected energy, one being).

This idea is particularly interesting when one considers other verses where Jesus is quoted about the topic of light. In the Bible, we read that he said we should "let our light shine" in this world. Although a metaphor, this implies we have light inside of us. Could Jesus have been saying that the condition of our soul can be seen by others?

Can the truth about ourselves that we understand be directly related to the degree of light (e.g. the brightness) of the human soul? Does darkness cover over the light within us when we remain ignorant about ourselves, especially when we create negativity?

Considering the amount of compelling ghost pictures we have received over the years, we wonder if the human essence is sometimes visible to the camera. We must consider that, perhaps, what people are photographing could be the souls of individuals.

Some surmise that the soul might be seen as an orb - a ball of light. Balls of light have been photographed in various sizes, different degrees of brightness and color, slow floating or fast moving. Some are naturally occuring and not superanatural while other orbs remain unexplained.

Could paranormal anomalies of all types be revealing, to people of this age, the varying condition of the human soul? Could the differences in light and dark be equated with different levels of a person's deeper understanding (e.g. enlightenment versus ignorance)?

If ghost pictures are possible proof of varying soul conditions, from some being lost in darkness to others being illuminated within, might we also assume that we are witnessing a human process of evolution? We are compelled to assume that people are progressing toward knowing truth, moving from darkness toward light.

Enlightenment: The Condition of the Soul That Knows

Could everyone, one day, possess the understanding of who they are? Could we all reach enlightenment?

The words of Jesus appear to agree as he mentioned people should strive to be like a "city of light on a hill," so others can find the light of truth that each possesses. It's human destiny, it seems.

If our light is visible, then maybe this is why some lost spirits might seek out those whom they can see in this physical world. Do some of us here on earth carry a visible 'soul light,' much like a lamp, while others remain shrouded in a dark countenace? Maybe those in the spirit world unwittingly seek out those who are 'in light' - 'enlightened,' like moths to a flame, so they can find themselves, also.

Darkness: Evil or an Indicator of Being Lost?

Many believe in evil spirits. We would agree that what most people call evil is also dark behavior. But just because someone is ignorant does not make them purposely evil. Ergo, just because something is darkened does not make it evil.

Certainly, we all have experienced people exhibit bad behavior, from time to time, and some are downright bad eggs most of their lives. Let's call them evil people. What happens to evil people when their spirits leave this world through death of the physical body? We suspect they are still evil people. They are lost, unconscious, and need redeemed.

Can those who behaved atrociously on earth and full of poison all of a sudden find themselves healthy and whole soon after their passing into the next world? Can evil persons, through death of the physical body, instantly become enlightened, no longer remaining trapped by the error of their beliefs? No.

We can surmise that the 'evil dead' become what some might dub "evil spirits." They likely remain trapped in their self-created, suffering state of mind. They desperately need the light to shine into their souls. The light is the revealing of their deeper awareness and connection with the eternal.

Lost spirits likely seek what they know: the physical realm and its people. We cannot expect them to behave better, especially if they are able to interact with the living. They might continue to behave badly with people until they find a healing change.

Maybe evil does not exist. Perhaps what we call evil is just people who do not understand what they do. They make choices based upon beliefs and emotional anguish, inner turmoil generated by the mind out of control. We suggest that the only evil that exists is unwittingly created by mankind. And we expect that it exists on both sides of death until the suffering is healed.

So, the lesson we can learn from this is that the condition of our soul in this earthly world will be the condition of our soul in the afterworld, at least initially, until we embrace the cleansing light that we encounter.

When we cross over to the ether, we will eventually find the truth and freedom we are seeking. Hell is not a geographical place. Hell is the state of mind of a person, regardless of where they physically dwell. Hell is the suffering within a person. Hell can and will be vanquished.

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