Best Times for Ghost Hunting: When to Ghost Hunt!

The data listed below will indicate the best times for peak ghost activity!

When should I ghost hunt? Well the consensus in the ghost hunting community is that the best times for ghost hunting seem to be during peak geomagnetic fields and solar storms (solar flares). Also, it is a well known fact that a good time to ghost hunt is two to three days before or after full and new moons. So, paying attention to moon phases, geomagnetic fields and solar storms is important to achieve the absolute best results. Use this page to help choose the best times to ghost hunt and increase your chances of experiencing ghost activity. Happy ghost hunting!

What Is the Best Time to Ghost Hunt? How to Read the Charts
To figure out when you should ghost hunt, look at the charts, below.

  • The first ghost data box will give you the current moon phases. You are wanting to focus your ghost hunting around full or new moons.
  • The second set of data charts will alert us to flares and peak geomagnetic fields caused by solar storms, which when elevated, seem to give better ghost detection results. Somehow, they seem to enhance ghostly activity or most likely one's ability to detect ghosts with current detection devices such as EMF meters, cameras, video recorders and the like.

If you find that the charts show a full or new moon phase coupled with solar storms and increased geomagnetic fields, then it is most likely the best time to go ghost hunting. Get out there!



Solar X-Rays:

Geomagnetic Field: