The EMF Meter & Ghost Hunting

How is an EMF meter used in ghost hunting?

An EMF meter is a device that measures the amount of electromagnetic frequencies found within a particular environment. With ghost hunting, it is possible to not only detect unusual or unexplainable EMF spikes of the meter as well as follow them.

How to Use an EMF Meter in Ghost Investigation
Before using an EMF meter in the ghost investigation, first walk through the area to detect where higher electromagnetic frequencies are being emitted. You may find that electrical appliances, wiring, outlets, lights, etc. will be giving off energy that can affect the reading on the meter. Once all of the higher spiking areas are noted, then the ghost hunter will know what the normal readings are for the location. Any spikes beyond this may be considered "paranormal" if other plausible explanations cannot be found. (Do not forget about other electronics people may be carrying such as phones, computers, etc. that may influence the EMF reading.)


Ghost Hunting & EMF MetersIt has become quite common for the EMF meter to also be used for communication with ghosts and spirits, especially by use of meters that have a light or noise that indicates any spike in electromagnetic frequency.

The KII Meter is one example of such a device that can be used while asking questions. (A "yes" is usually indicated by an EMF spike, with a non-response typically interpreted as a "no" answer to questioning.)

Field Notebook - Ghost HuntingCollaborating Ghost Evidence
During the ghost hunt, when a paranormal EMF spike occurs, it could be evidence that a ghost or spirit is present. Other devices can be used in conjunction with the EMF meter such as a thermometer to evaluate temperature, cameras to attempt to capture ghost images in photo or video, an audio recorder to collect EVPs, etc. All tools of the ghost hunter can be used together to collaborate evidence of the ghostly occurrence. If all of the times and activity experienced was noted, you should have several pieces of evidence that confirm the existence of the unseen entity.