Society for Psychical Research

The Society for Psychical Research (SPR) was formed in London, England in 1882 to investigate paranormal phenomena. The group still exists, today, and has many members. Cases of the unexplained are examined in scientific fashion but without bias or presupposition.

Some of the first topics explored by committees of the SPR included haunted houses, apparitions, and séances. Our goal is to not lose sight of some of the quality ghost research that has been done in the past, summarizing important findings for those interested in ghost and spirit research.

This section servces to share some of the findings of the Society for Psychical Research, especially as it relates to ghosts, spirits and haunting.

More about the research of the SPR as found on their website:

Society for Psychical ResearchThe Journal of the Society for Psychical Research has been published continuously since 1884, promoting the Society's aim of examining "without prejudice or prepossession and in a scientific spirit those faculties of man, real or supposed, which appear to be inexplicable on any generally recognised hypothesis. The Journal's contents reflect the wide range of our contributors' specialisms and interests and include reports of current laboratory and fieldwork research, as well as theoretical, methodological and historical papers with a bearing on the field of parapsychology.

Contributions are welcome from both members and non-members of the Society. All papers submitted to the Journal are strictly peer-reviewed, and any opinions expressed are those of the authors alone. Guidelines for potential authors are published inside the back page of each JSPR issue.