Full Spectrum to Infrared Camera

How to cheaply convert a full spectrum camera to an Infrared camera!

The Infrared Pass Filter KitExplanation
We don't like calling our ideas or products "cheap" but because we experimented with digital full spectrum and Infrared cameras in a much more diverse way, it allows us to sell them for cheap when compared to expensive IR conversion cameras. So, if you have ever wanted an Infrared camera for ghost hunting or artistic photography, now you can easily convert your full spectrum camera into an Infrared camera, and back again - and it's not costly to do!

The Difference - most of the specialty cameras we converted were sold as full spectrum cameras, meaning that the sensor (eye) is able to see Near Ultraviolet, the Visible spectrum, as well as the Near Infrared. If you own a full spectrum camera, we offer an IR Pass Filter Kit that can be purchased and easily added to the camera, converting it to an Infrared camera for cheap. Here's the best part: This Infrared Pass Filter is removable, allowing you, the user, to have the unique advantage of being able to alter, on the fly, what range the camera can see - something not available elsewhere with inexpensive digital cameras. If you use the IR pass filter with a full spectrum camera, you will have a full spectrum camera and an Infrared camera, all in one, for ghost hunting.

What Does the Infrared Pass Filter Do?
After the Infrared pass filter is added to one of our full spectrum cameras, in our experiments, the visible light is thoroughly blocked out. The camera is only able to see the Near Infrared range of light which is what you want for Infrared camera photography. If you purchased one of our 8, 10 or 12 megapixel cameras (or one with similar settings), you will find that you can change the hue of the Infrared photographs by adjusting the camera's white balance setting. Simple and easy!

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