Ghost Hunting Thermometers and Thermal Scanners

The use of different temperature sensing devices in ghost hunting - which is best?

Thermometers are an instrument that can be very useful while ghost hunting. It is well known that haunting can produce varying temperature changes, especially stark drops in the environment that are known as "cold spots."

Types of Thermometers
There are two types of thermometers used regularly by the ghost hunter:

  • Digital Thermometers (or probe) - detects the air temperature around the device
  • Infrared Non-contact Thermometers - detects the temperature of the object is pointed at
  • Digital Thermometers with both a probe and non-contact Infrared detection - best of both worlds?

When used on an investigation, obviously, a thermometer can aid as a detection system for spirit presence. Rapid temperature drops of 10 degrees or more could indicate spirit activity. Some recommend using an Infrared thermometer because they react in less than a second to temperature drops and can scan a large area quickly. But the issue is that they actually read the surface temperature of objects. So, there is much debate within ghost investigation communities as to whether or not the IR thermometer is even applicable to ghost hunting unless a spirit can be detected between the IR scanner and the object it is pointed at - not likely. When the reading comes back, it is probably the temperature of the wall or floor (or any other object it lands upon) across the room. We should also note that some thermal scanners do rely on two IR lasers that converge at a spot to detect temperature. This device may prove interesting for ghost investigation. The best solution might be to choose a thermometer that detects temperature multiple ways.

Ghost Hunting ThermometersAs mentioned, a good thermometer can detect changes in room temperature quickly. But a few ghost investigators still use the old-fashioned mercury-filled, red-line, thermometers. Electronic thermometers are the preferred tool, but in a highly-active haunting, the ghost activity may disturb electronic devices, the electromagnetic forces causing them to fail right when you need them. So you might want to bring an old mercury thermometer as a back-up during your ghost investigation.