Baby Monitors & Ghosts

Baby Monitors & GhostsAre ghosts being heard in audio monitors left in babies' nurseries?

Many a new parent, while using a baby audio monitor, has heard sounds in their infant's room that warrant concern. But nothing is more alarming than when a person is heard talking over the baby monitor when no one is in the room. It's even more concerning when the baby either reacts or cries when the voices are heard. Is this evidence that ghosts can be heard through baby monitors? Let's explore.

It's well known that when you have a wireless receiver, such as an audio monitor, it's possible that someone else on a transmitting device might be picked up and heard through the speaker. And wireless devices are rapidly growing. When we think about the large amount of iPods, smart phones, cell phones, wireless home phones, ipads, notebooks, laptops, etc that can potentially create some sort of audible interference for baby monitors, it stands to reason that some voices heard might not be ghosts. Not only is it possible to hear your neighbors talking over the monitor, but it's also possible to hear odd reception noises (interference), cracks, pops, hisses and broken transmissions.

Baby MonitorsGhosts Heard Over Baby Monitors
While there are odd baby monitor sounds that definitely are not attributed to ghost interaction, there are similar experiences that we cannot categorize as explainable. In fact, many of the baby monitor ghost stories are downright paranormal and eerie. This is why we feel it is very plausible that baby monitors are able to pick up electronic voice phenomena (EVP), ghost voices, when no one is in the room. Many seasoned ghost hunters know this to be true based upon investigation experience. EVP may be heard as crystal clear human verbiage - one word or even phrases - garbled sounds that seem like human language or soft, whisper-like messages. Typical human sounds such as shhs, groans and moans may also be heard.

Audio monitor voices that emanate from baby's room is sometimes loving and comforting; other times, the voices and interaction can be disturbing to parents. The ghostly voices may be strange and unrecognizable or well known; they may be male, female, adult or childlike. What makes these ghost words convincingly real is that, often times, infants can be heard interacting with the non-physical entity. It's even more of a stark revelation when the voice calls the baby by name. When this happens, it's hard to explain the phenomena away as being a transmission interference.

With ghosts, it's common for loved ones, such as friends, co-workers and especially deceased relatives to hang around family. And a new baby can garner even more special attention from the unseen. But, it's also not uncommon for a resident matronly ghost, a loving grandmother type, to gravitate to children and make their presence known. Their goal being to help the family and take part in their lives. If you are experiencing a ghost in baby's room, first consider that it may just be loved ones comforting, watching over your child (e.g. What if it the ghost is the spirit of a great grandparent?).

Audio Monitors & Ghost Hunting
Given the number of personal accounts we've received of ghost voices heard through baby monitors, it stands to reason that the use of an audio monitor could be a useful tool in ghost investigation. It's especially useful for haunting where disembodied voices have been heard within the home. Set-up the audio monitor in the room with the most activity, and take the receiver with you. The audio monitor's receiver, in some models, can be set-up stationary in another room with an audio recorder running, or it may be carried with you while investigating elsewhere and used to alert of entity activity.

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