Ghost Story: My Cousin's House

by Amanda from Ottawa, Canada

I have a couple of unexplained things that have happened to me and my family inside my cousin's house. The whole area where the house sits is said to be built on some type of burial ground, but that is just hearsay. My cousin's fiancee's best friend passed away in a drowning accident, and since then, things have happened to all of us.

One day my cousin, Roxanne, and I were painting her bathroom, and there were just the two of us in there. The door was closed while she was painted behind and above it. I was painting under the sink. We were about 10 feet from each other when I felt someone or something touch my back. I turned around, expecting to see my cousin's cat; but there was nothing there. I mentioned this to my cousin, and she thought that I was crazy. About two days later, she had the same thing happen to her - in the bathroom.

Another incident happened when I had gone upstairs to wake her oldest daughter. I didn't have to wake her, though, because I found her standing on her bed, facing about 2" away from the wall. I called her name several times, and she finally (very slowly) turned her head and looked at me. She seemed to be in some kind of a trance and had a very serious face. I closed the door and ran downstairs, called my cousin at work to tell her that she'd better come home as I was not going back up there until she did. My cousin returned home about a half an hour later, went upstairs, and her daughter was sleeping.

There have been numerous times that everyone who has come over has seen shadows on the stairs when no one is up there or lights going out for no apparent reason. Recently, my cousin's grandmother-in-law passed away, and there have been times that a woman's voice can be heard through the baby monitor talking to the baby; and the baby is cooing to it. The baby even stares at the ceiling fan that is in the living room as it sways back and forth.

Is any of this paranormal or just all of our imaginations going wild? You be the judge: this is the truth I swear. I don't like being in that house alone. It makes my hair stand up.