Old Woman Ghost Story

from Jacquelin Arguello

When I was three years old, my sister had a hernia. So my mom and dad had to take her to the hospital.

My grandmother came to watch me while they were away. I had woken up in my parents' bed alone; the door to the bedroom was open. When I looked up, I saw an old woman standing in the hallway watching me. She had gray white hair and was wearing and old-fashioned dress with long beads, and big rings. When I knew she knew I could see her, she turned and walked down the stairs and dissappeared into a mist. Still today, I have no idea who she was.

My first thought was that it was my grandmother. So I ran into her room, and she was lying down praying the rosary. I don't know who the woman was, but I can only guess that it might have been my great-grandmother, for she had died six months prior to the incident. Perhaps, she was paying us a visit, still living in the home.