Singapore Ghost Story

by Ziwei, Singapore

I've been reading the stories posted on your website and decided to share my own experience. This happened to me when I was young.

I was sitting on the chair watching television and my chair was in a position that I could watch the TV. If anyone presses the doorbell, I can see them just by adjusting my sight to the right, which is the gate. Well this is what happened. I was watching TV, when suddenly I saw a lady, long-haired, and from what I recall I think she was wearing white, although I'm not really sure. She was holding an umbrella and walked through the main doors. I saw her walk through door, which should be weird and frightening to many. However, I felt at peace with her, somehow, like I knew her, but I know I didn't. Anyway, she walked through the door and I watched her go to the gate and disappear, as though going out. My auntie also reported a sighting of this ghost, so this probably means that it is true.

I'm still not 100 percent sure that what I see is true, as it may be my imagination. However, I do believe in ghosts. My auntie also tells me that when I was younger, I once walked into my study room and ran out crying. Apparently, the chair in the room is rocking by itself. I do not recall this, but my auntie told me it happened.

This is another story concerning my grandpa who passed away. Is there a possibility that we may know that our time on Earth is up? The night when my grandpa passed away, he sent me to a nearby 7/11 to get the newspapers for my dad. Now you may say that this is not strange, but it is, as that is the only time he sent me to the 7/11 store. I've been doing this (for my dad) for two years almost every night, and grandpa sent me away only on the night he chose to expire.

So I came back from the trip and went to my room to play my PS2 video game. After two hours or so, my mum opened the door and called me, saying that something happened to my grandpa. I was thinking maybe he fell down or something, but I never expected to see his lifeless body on the bed. My grandma was crying, patting him on his back and hoping to rescue him; but it was not working.

After the ambulance came and reported him dead, relatives came to see his body. My eldest brother was the most affected, crying and kneeling down on the floor. After I saw my brother crying like that, I began to feel heartless, because I did not cry at all, although I am close to my grandpa. I am sad, yes, but not to a large extent. I somehow got the feeling that he is was still with us, and thus, I'm sad only because I wont be able to see him until I join him in the other world. It appears that what I had been feeling is true, as my cousin (who sometimes comes over to my house) saw his spirit moving a table.

At grandpa's funeral, one of my uncles, who apparently has the ability to see ghosts, saw my grandpa. My grandpa passed a message to my mom that he is very worried about her and missed my youngest sis a lot. I think my sister was four or five at the time and called my mother to bring her over to his coffin for her to look at him. I have to state that although this happened to my relatives, I have never had an encounter with my grandpa's spirit but do choose to believe that he still exists.

I got something to say to those that don't believe in the afterlife or ghosts. (To those that believe) those people that laugh at you for believing in the afterlife and ghosts, tell to laugh after they die, because in both cases you will win: If they can laugh after they die, they will only be laughing at themselves, as they are a ghosts already; and if there is no afterlife, they won't be able to laugh at all.