Haunting Ghost Stories

Real ghost stories about haunting and specters as submitted from our readers...

You may be asking, "What is a haunting ghost story? Well, it is just that - a ghost story that details events of a haunting. Many times, ghost stories about haunting go into greater detail of events, thus providing insight into ghosts' motives.

Haunting ghost stories typically revolve around a place or location experiencing various types of ghost activity, such as noises, sensations, smells, and other attention getting phenomena. There are several types of haunting, but most stories tell of ghosts either being interactive with the living, or seemingly trapped in time, possibly being residual life-energy of past events being replayed over and over.

Some haunting ghost stories tell of objects being haunted, somehow having a ghost attached to it! Ghost stories about haunting can also tell of people witnessing ghostly animals, human apparitions, phantom ships, and other vehicles of travel that have appeared as real, but were only physical illusion.