Haunted Bedroom Ghost Stories

by Nikki Shears

When I was a little younger, say around twelve, my sister and I shared a room. One morning, we were getting ready for school and we had a curling iron and radio plugged in and two lights on (our room light and a closet light). As we're sitting there, the radio shut off. This is incredibly odd, since neither of us touched it. So we just went and turned it back on, thinking maybe something just happened to it for a second, or something. Then, after that, the curling iron shut off. So now this is getting strange. We turned it back on and were trying to finish as fast as possible, when the closet light went out. That light has a history of burning out easily, but it wasn't burnt out. The light switch had been turned off! So we went to get my brother to tell him what had happened, and when we came back in the room, the radio and curling iron had been unplugged and the closet light turned off. That room must be haunted because my mother woke up in the same bedroom just years earlier to see a women standing over her. I still live in that room and it still scares the bejesus out of me.


My brother woke up at about 5 AM one morning to beat us to the shower. He was about to go into the laundry room when he heard someone saying his name. "Kris..." the voice would say. He thought it was our older sister, so he just said, "Knock it off, Val" and shrugged it off. Then, as he turned around, there were a pair of red eyes staring at him through the darkness. Then, just like that, they were gone!

On another occurrence, I was home alone. I was on the computer in my mom's room typing. I looked at the screen and thought I saw what appeared to be a man, a very sad, angry looking man, standing behind me. When I turned around to look, there was nobody there! My little sister claims to have seen the same man walking through our house at night and I believe it, because you can hear something walking up and down our halls at night.

My mother was in denial about it for years, but she finally had the house blessed...three times. And it has done nothing. I just make due with the "spirit" turning our stuff off, scaring us, and even worse yet, throwing our stuff around. Apparently, "it" doesn't want to go anywhere.