Native American Haunting Ghost Story

by Elaine Haakenson

Victor the "Indian Ghost"...

We had a house built in Castle Rock, Colorado in 2001. As soon as we moved into it, things started to happen.

The lights turned on and off; the stereo would inexplicably go on and blare full blast. My daughter, Nicole, saw an Indian man sitting at the end of her bed. He would sit there and look into her closet. My youngest daughter Jade called him "Victor." I asked her why she called him that, but she would never give me a reason.

The spirit scared the daylights out of my husband one night when he was alone in the house. The lights kept turning on, and my husband would turn them off; but they would turn right back on. Wes, my husband, got so scared that he ran into the bedroom, slammed the door, got under the bed covers and stayed there all night!

I am an RN nurse and have witnessed people, many times, having visions before they pass away. I wrote a book, Seeing Angels and Other Visions with this story included as well as other true stories of people I know who see angels, have visions, or have had near death experiences...all true stories.