Visitor Ghost Stories

Intriguing tales about encounters with strangers, visitor ghost stories often tell of a spirit or some sort of entity trying to either receive help or deliver an ominous message to a person. Many times, ghost stories about odd guests or transients are revealing the sad story of a ghost who is desperate, hurting and in need of some closure.
What Are Visitor Ghosts?
Visitor ghost stories have always been intriguing to us because those who report them typically tell of ghosts either seeking help or bringing a warning to the living. Sometimes, the ghosts appear for one visit and are not heard from again. However, other ghost stories about visitors are of particular interest because they tell of seeing ghostly religious figures, such as nuns, priests or monks - people whom we might not think could be ghosts. And still, other visiting ghosts are looking for lost loved ones, perhaps, in an attempt to resolve past issues in order to move forward in life or bring peace and harmony to a grieving family.
One of the most interesting type of visitor ghost stories tell the tales of ghostly hitchhikers or phantom travelers. In many of these ghost stories, the visitor is not recognized as being a ghost, as he or she is believed to appear solid in form. Thus, not being discernable as a spirit, the ghost typically vanishes at some point in the story after receiving help or delivering a needed word to those who witness such an event.
A Bit About Each Ghostly Visitor Story
Little Girl Ghost Story 
Short ghost story of a sad little visitor from Australia.
Ghost in Garage Story
A visitor awaits outside...would you go out?
Figure Ghost Story
Roadside visitor with packages sprints toward...
Article about visitors such as succubus and incubus. Are they ghosts or demons?
Ghost Friend Visits
A visitor ghost story about a loved-one who paid a call.
Coal Miner Ghost Story 
Visitor ghost story about a man who rescued them.
Shadow Ghost Story
Dark visitor pays a visit.
Ghost Created Entities
How a ghost knight scared visitors with false entities.
Colorado Ghost Story
Late night mystery visitor. 
Spooky Ghost Story
Grandma tells a strange visitor goodbye!
Spirit Presence Story
Her grandparents visit...incredible.
Twin Sister Ghost Story 
Her sister became a long awaited visitor for her!
Highway Ghost Story
Truck driver sees 'em.
Dream Ghost Story
Visitors during sleep. Is it a better time to get through to the living?
Shadow People Story
Ghost visitors of shade and darkness...
Entity Ghost Story
Hooded visitor...yipes!
Grandma Ghost Story
Was her visitor her granny?