Spirit Presence Ghost Story

Paige's Ghostly Visit from Her Grandparents...
My brother, father and I have all felt this presence but for some reason my mother has not. Everytime it happens to one of us, it happens to all of us.. If you get what I'm saying. 
One morning, I came out of my bedroom to see the rest of my family in the sitting room, so I went to join them. While we were talking, I asked my mom if she had come into my room last night. She said she hadn't and asked why. I told them that I felt someone sit on my bed and that I thought it was the cat. When I looked down, nothing was there.
After I told them this, my father said that it has happened to him, too, and my brother as well. My father told us it was our great-grandma coming into the bedroom to check on us. It still happens and it startles me everytime. Nothing or no one else is ever in my room, but I can definitely feel the bed lower as if someone is sitting on the edge.
Another expierience I've had has only happened to me. I was sleeping yesterday around 4 in the afternoon. I was taking a nap, and I heard someone walk up the hall. I was still half asleep, so I turned onto my back and heard what I thought to be my father coming in my room to turn my light off. I also heard whistling and realized whoever it was, was walking towards me. I wasn't scared, and I didn't open my eyes, as I was still half-sleeping. I felt the bed lower once again and felt someone kiss my forehead. This time I felt the beard of a man.
I woke up later that night and asked my dad if he had come into my room. He said he hadn't but that he did turn off my light. I also noticed, as I was talking to him, that he shaved his beard; so it couldn't have been him.
I am convinced it is my great-grandfather, since he and my great-grandma both linger in our house. They're very kind, as they should be. They are here still, I think, to watch over us. This was their house and forever will be.