Animal Ghost Stories

Many people wonder if animals have spirits: Do they live on after death?  Animal ghost stories give us proof that our beloved pets exist after their earthly departure. Many people have witnessed the spirits of pets and the ghosts of animals. Many times after a pet dies, if a person pays attention, they may get a visitation from the animal.  These ghosts stories about the spirits of animals tell of such happenings.

More About Accounts of Animal (and Pet) Spirits
Stories of the ghosts of animals have long been told, especially about the haunting of some routes of travel. For example, one ghost legend of note tells of a ghost canine that snarls at travelers on certain roads in Maryland.
Most animal ghost stories we read, though, are about beloved pets that recently passed and return for a final farewell. We have heard the tales of various spirits of pets such as cats, dogs, horses and even rabbits being seen after their death. Like human ghosts, most animal ghosts seem to prefer staying near where they formerly lived - they may stay for a short or long period of time.  Many pet owners have not only reported seeing their ghost animal but also detecting the animal's presence by smelling, hearing or physically feeling them. In many animal ghost cases, the ghostly creature will continue its daily routine such as sleeping on the bed, heading to the food dish or playing with other animals still alive in the household.
(Kibbles &) Bits About Our Animal Ghost Stories 
Dog Visit Ghost Story
Chandra's dog pays her a visit after he passed!
Yanein Animal Ghost Story
Ghost cat rules the roost and shows her things by telepathy!
Chinky's Ghost Story
Little dog ghost says goodbye to the family.
Animal Ghost Story
Carla's beloved dog pays one last visit to her in spirit in this animal ghost story.
Dog Animal Ghost Story
Trace's dog Blade came and barked goodbye after he had to be euthanized...
Ghost Cat Ghost Story
This animal ghost story is a 3/4 cat coming to take granny home in spirit!
Bird Spirits Ghost Story 
This story from a zoo with a photo shows what may be animal spirits - the spirits or ghosts of birds!
Horse Spirit Ghost Story
Photo and Native American story about an equine animal ghost with him.
Animals Have Spirits!
Ghost story shares some experiences with seeing the spirit of an animal.
Cat Spirit Ghost Story
Feline is heard but not seen around them!
Ferret Ghost Story
Ozzy is still hanging around and playing with the cat!
Ghost Dog Photo
Story and photo of Maxi! 
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