Animals Have Spirits Ghost Story

CVT from Toledo's take on animal ghosts...

For years I took care of a stray cat outside and it was frightened after her owner died.

She roamed the neighborhood and would not be nice to me, until one winter it was so cold outside that I brought her and several other strays inside.
They enjoyed being inside until spring, when I let them out once again.

One day I came home and found her laying on the sidewalk in front of the house and near death. I picked her up, put her in a basket with a towel, and her death came very soon after that.

A little while later, I saw her spirit walking in the basement. After I acknowledged her presence, I never saw her again.

I believe she returned to let me know she appreciated my kindness to her; she was there to say goodbye then went on to the spirit world, where she is supposed to be now.

Animals have spirits and I know that now from the ones who visit me. It causes me to be very kind to all animals; not only the cats, but to whoever happens to come on my porch to get food.

Builders have taken away the natural habitat, so many animals depend on the kindness of humans. When they die, I miss them and quite often they appear to me in spirit.

All of this has caused me to think about the animals who are killed for meat. Although I have not become a full-fledged vegetarian, yet, I have cut way back on these things, knowing an animal has to die to feed us their flesh.