Animal Ghost Story

Carla's ghost story about her dog...

My pet dog Pekitese (a Pekinese-Maltese mix) named Bandit passed Valentines day, 2005, at age five unexpectedly.

He was sick three months straight and while the specialist was performing a mylogram on him, he passed.
I was devastated, because he was my child; for I have no children. He was the most loving dog. He went everywhere with me.

Almost a month later, I went to bed one night, and woke up out of my body. I sat up, looked around, and saw Bandit's sister, "Scarlette," still asleep beside me (She's my twin's dog and she sleeps with me a lot). The walls in the room turned dark, and there was Bandit laying against my leg looking up at me. He was young again and happy and wagging that tail. He then jumped down and I told him I loved him. 

He then ran over to a white bowl on the floor and started drinking, then ran off in the distance, looking back at me and wagging his tail. I then awakened, sitting up. I know it was an out-of-body experience, as it was so real.

I ran into my twin's room and told her about it. My dog proved to me that there is life after death for animals.

I still miss him, and know he's happy.