Stories of Ghost Children

Ghost stories that tell of children still earthbound and haunting those who can see them...

Each of these true, eye-witness accounts have the ghosts of children within them. The "child ghost" subject is surely a sad thing, but people need to understand that ghosts can be children, too. For more on this topic, be sure and visit Child Ghosts and Ghost Pictures of Children.
Beliefs and Child Ghosts
Many people believe in the existence of ghosts, but some choose not to believe that there could be such a thing as a child ghost. But, eye-witness accounts of adolescent ghosts indicate that kids can become lost spirits, too, just like adults. 
The reason for disbelief is usually attributed to deep-seated religious convictions that a loving God would never allow a child to suffer such a fate. This discounting of ghost sightings may also stem from religious beliefs in a heaven or hell - that the innocent must instantly be taken to paradise after expiration of the body. Sadly, sometimes, children do suffer in our physical world; so, why would that change if a youth remains earthbound in an attempt to find their way home?

Details About the Child Ghost Stories:
Her Child Ghost Story
She saw the small spirit image of a child and a light.
Ghost Experiences Story
Numerous ghost stories. One is about a boy seen.
Little Girls Ghost Story
They sing Ring Around The Rosie...does someone fall down?
Small Girl Ghost Story
Child ghost appears as a shadow in her home.
Blue Girl Ghost Story
Intriguing child ghost story.
Child Apparition Ghost
Story about a little girl who wants something...
Battery Point Ghost Story
A child and two adults are the ghosts seen here...
St. Augustine Lighthouse Ghost Story
Ghosts of kids are just some of the ghosts seen...
Myrtles Plantation Story?
Ghost stories tell of a floating child who's encountered several times...
Black Eyed Kid Story
Sad child ghost story...what are they?
Whaley Ghost Story
A child...a lil' girl is said to be just one of the ghosts.
Blue Boy Ghost Story
Short ghost story of a young child who appears.
Little Girl Ghost Story
Child is there and then gone when they return...
Teacher's House Ghost
Ghost child in the window is seen from the street.
Elementary Ghost Story
Children see ghosts...
Black-Eyed Kids
Explore the mystery in this article about the phenomenon.