Teacher's House Ghost Story

by Megan W.

My friend and I were walking down a hidden path behind some houses that have been built years ago.

As we were walking, we went past my teacher's house, and she live alone. We looked at her house and no lights were on, and it was getting dark outside. I saw a child in the window with a bruised face and long brown hair. I pointed to her, but my friend didn't see her, yet I swear it wasn't my imagination. I am very curious, so I dragged my friend with me and knocked on the door. No one came. I knocked again and then I heard a little girls voice say, "Who is it?" Followed by, "I am waiting for my dad to come home, sorry!" My friend looked at me and said, "Maybe it's the wrong house." 

The next day, we asked my teacher if that was here house, and she said, "Yes." We then asked her if she had someone over last night and she said, "No," too. Then we went back to the house and all the lights were on and our teacher was home, but no sign of a little girl.

From this day on, I am afraid to even talk to my teacher. Now we joke around saying, "No wonder why she was acting weird all these years!"