Apparition Ghost Stories

Stories about see-through ghosts, forming and appearing before people...

We feel it is important to talk about the sightings of apparitions found in ghost stories that we receive.

An apparition is best described as a see-through person, full visible, and often in color, period dress, etc. In other words, it is an accurate representation of the person as they would have appeared while alive in-body. Some people have the ability to see into the spirit realm, capable of viewing the apparitions of people who interact with people on both sides of the grave. This visage of a disembodied human spirit is considered to be the ultimate in ghost experiences! See: Apparition Pictures.

Ghost stories about apparitions have existed for thousands of years. People have recounted stories about seeing deceased relatives, friends, and strangers appearing to them for a brief moment in time. Sometimes, the apparition will interact with the living; other times, they seem unaware of others around them.

Some ghost investigators believe that there is no such thing as the apparitions of people. They put forth that people appearing in spirit in a transparent form is the sole creation of Hollywood movies, etc. However, the amount of stories we have received over the years demonstrate that people in spirit can manifest in a see-through form. They may even appear so real to the viewer that they are hard to distinguish from a person with a solid body. Sometimes, the person is not identified as being a ghost until they disappear or walk through a solid wall!

Shadow Versus Apparition Manifestations of Ghosts
It just may be that ghost stories about apparitions are rare for a good reason. Perhaps, the see-through form is the final phase of a ghost's manifestation within our environment. Sherri Brake, a seasoned ghost investigator and tour guide of haunted places (Haunted History Tours), saw her first apparition after many years of investigating. The event actually occurred in her own home which sits on land that was formerly an active mine. The ghost was first visible as a shadow person, then the human features slowly manifested into a colored, see-through form. She eventually witnessed the perfect apparition of an old coal miner.

So, we would like to share some apparition ghost stories to show you what we mean. The things we learn from them teach us more about ghosts and how they may appear and interact with us. Over time, we will add links to additional ghost stories featuring apparitions.

Shops' Apparitions Ghost Story
Our first apparition story comes from a lady who has the ability to see people in spirit. Her name is Ruth, and she has been experiencing ghosts visiting her regularly in her home.

"The shops of Hartville were having a Christmas in July sale in 2005. My friend and I thought, 'Cool! Let's go!' I was hoping to pick up a few ornaments. Totally unsuspecting, this is what happened:We were in the upstairs of the first shop when I saw a beautiful lady, maybe in her late teens or early twenties. She was dressed in an 1800s ball gown of pale blue with her black hair done in ringlets. She told me it was her dressing room and asked me if I liked it. I couldn't see the room as she evidently saw it, so I did not answer her. I actually thought I was imagining it." 

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