Apparition Ghost Pictures

Apparition Ghost PicturesStudy ghost pictures of apparitions, see-through human forms...

Apparition ghost pictures are evidence of the spiritual manifestation of humans and animals within the physical environment.

Although not commonly seen, apparitions reveal the former flesh body almost perfectly, and therefore, are considered by most to be the best evidence of ghosts and spirits in photographs. Therefore, sightings of apparition-type ghosts are considered rare and remarkable. The following ghost photos are some examples...

What Is an Apparition?
We often have people ask us, "What are apparitions?" An apparition is a ghost. The word "apparition" comes from the Latin apparitio which means "appearance." An apparition is the appearance of the spirit of a human or animal, becoming visible to the eyes. Apparitions are often described as looking solid in appearance, though sometimes are visibly "see-through." Occasionally, a full body apparition is witnessed; while other times only a part of the person or animal's spirit is seen, such as the upper body, the face, an arm, a foot, etc.

Apparitions of the dead or dying may appear during the dying process, soon after death, or be seen repeatedly over years. Apparitions of the dead sometimes appear as a plea for help, to complete unfinished business, or as a farewell. Other times, apparitions will appear for apparently no reason, and the spirit manifested may not be aware of the living, as though trapped in time. Apparitions of the "living" have been seen, as well, including those who were "out of body" during near death experiences or traditional out of body experiences. Seeing the double of living person is known as a Doppelgänger (German for "double-goer"). The apparition ghost pictures on this page show incredible proof of the existence of the human soul after the passing of the physical body.