Vortex Ghost Pictures

Vortex Ghost Picture Examples: Vortexes & VorticesLook at some ghost pictures of vortexes...vortices.

The pictures on this page are a few examples of what may be vortexes received from paranormal investigators and ghost hunters. Many believe a vortex to be a "portal" for ghosts to enter our world.

A vortex, sometimes called a "portal haunting," is controversial, as it is merely theory. The vortex picture examples may give some reference to compare to other types of explainable, photographic artifacts. Are they explainable, or do they show ghostly vortices?

What are Vortexes (Vortices)?
Vortex ghost pictures, like the examples above, are a great and rare find indeed. Many ghost investigators suspect that a vortex encountered during ghost hunting is some sort of portal or doorway between the physical plane and the spiritual plane - passageway between both worlds.

Ghost Photos of Vortexes?
These photos could show what vortex looks like, but they could also be camera straps hanging close to the lens. See Camera Strap False Ghost Pictures for comparison.

Is this tunnel of mist that runs along a fence a vortex?There can be a lot of confusion with this idea as many supposed vortexes (or "vortices") that are captured in photography are actually camera straps, fingers, or the photographer's hair in front of the lens. This is why it is so important to tie long hair back, remove the strap from the camera and be aware of where your fingers are before attempting to take snapshots of ghostly activity. We recommend taking some time to view our camera strap examples for comparison, learning the difference between paranormal oddity and photography error.

Today, the ghost hunter's idea of a vortex seems to originate more from Hollywood movies (e.g. Poltergeist - where a house built over a Native American burial site becomes a doorway to the supernatural) and some psychic mediums who may proclaim such an idea to be true. To us, it would seem that a doorway location might not be necessary for planes of existence to be crossed. Spirit and ghost travel seems to be connected more to the will and speed of thought. That said, the scientific theory of "wormholes" does mirror the idea of vortexes and interdimensional travel. A wormhole is a shortcut that possibly could exist to be used in traveling back and forth through spacetime between worlds. Could a vortex be similarly possible?