Dark Shadows Ghost Pictures

Dark Shadows - Ghost Picture ExampleExamine ghost pictures of dark shadows...shadow ghosts.

This page has several examples of dark shadows in ghost photos that we have received from different ghost investigators over the past years.

Some ghost hunters refer to this type of paranormal anomaly found in photographs as "black ectoplasm," "shadow ghosts" or even "shadow people," if having a human shape. These pictures show how dark shadows may appear in person or within photos.

What Are Dark Shadows?
Dark shadows in ghost pictures usually appear as a black smudge or fog over an image. Some certainly could be caused by a finger or something else over the camera lens (e.g. a camera strap); but many are not. some dark shadows have been witnessed in photos and in person as having a human form, interacting with the living. It has been our theory that shadow people are just that: disembodied human spirits trapped on the earth plane, the darkness being a manifestation of an inner, mental condition - fear. To learn more about this, read Shadow People.

Shadow Person example pictureThere have been many interesting observations of shadow ghosts (dark shadows or shadow people). They are usually first noticed out of the corner of one's eye, hence this is why some call them moving shadows - they, oftentimes, observe people and move out of visibility. Dark shadows have actually been recorded playing with one another. This has led some ghost investigators to believe they can be children (see Child Ghosts), as well as adults. Some have described shadow ghosts being 6-7 feet tall, at times, with broad shoulders. They have also been known to change form (e.g. donning "horns"), possibly as a way to envoke fear if nefarious in nature. Know that most shadow ghosts, just like humanity, are not ill-natured. They often react with people, perhaps, in an attempt to communicate. We have theorized that perhaps their darkness may be just an indicator of their lack of progression into the light and unto their life review...call it "in darkness," or "lack of understanding of truth" - unaware of where they are, having unfinished business, or afraid to move on.

Helpful Dark Shadows Info
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