Ghost Pictures of Mists & Vapors

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Mists, or vapors, in ghost pictures are great evidence of spirit manifestation. Also known as "ectoplasm" by ghost hunters, false ghost pictures of mists can be created by fog, steam, moisture, and smoke, even cigarettes. Ghosts are people in spirit who interact around all of us at times. Spirits are people in spirit who are elevated and not earthbound like ghosts. Ghost mists could be indicative of both ghosts and spirits.

We believe the best mist ghost pictures have vapor trails within them. (See Casper's Ghost Picture as an example of this.)

Ectoplasm in Ghost Pictures? Exploring Mists & Vapors in Photographs
Ghosts are spirits of disembodied people or animals. We believe that, sometimes. cameras are able to somehow capture the image of spirits as mists and vaporous apparitions. At times, human forms can be seen within the mists; but most of the time the presence just appears as a cloud or haze. Visit Ectoplasm Ghost Pictures.

The photographs linked to from this page represent different examples of the mist-type anomaly. These vapors can sometimes be explained away, but when there is no smoke, no fog, no steam or warm breath in cold air, just how do these clouds of vapor manifest? They manifest as paranormal, appearing outside of what is considered the norm. See Ectoplasm Ghost Pictures.

Interestingly, the word "ectoplasm " was introduced to parapsychology by Charles Richet as a way to explain the materialized substance often displayed by mediums during the rise of Spiritualism and Spirit Photography. Ectoplasm is Greek and means "formed outside." Also see, Mediums & Ectoplasm.