Keachi, Louisiana Ghost Mist

This mist ghost picture from Michael Burgess is pretty incredible. It was photographed in Keachi, Louisiana. Below is the story:


"Ever since we moved in, we have experienced different paranormal activities - not only me and my wife but also friends and family who have stayed the night or visited during the day. Some of the activities that happened are: feelings of being watched, depression, anxiety, anger, unhappiness, dread, scared to go in at night for no reason, and scared to be alone. I was going to my son's room to get a diaper and was thumped in the left ear; and it stopped me in my tracks. His closet is on the right, and there was nothing on the left that could have hit my ear. My wife said she felt like she was poked in her head and that it felt like a finger. Odd noises occur in the kitchen at night, and my son's toys go off for no reason. His potty chair, that plays noises when he uses it, also goes off for 10-20 minutes at a time; then just stops. Recently, I was laying in the bed by myself and heard some very light snoring. I thought it was my dog because she snores. So I looked over, and she wasn't there. So I went to the living room, and there was my wife and dog. Every time I turn my cellphone off, it turns right back on at home - but it doesn't do it anywhere else. I have seen shadows out of the corner of my eyes, too. I have also seen a shadow under my door crack."

"Sometimes in our bedroom, I will wake up at 3 AM and can't go back to sleep for hours. When this happens, it feels like somebody was in there with us. I'm not gonna lie: I was too scared to go back to sleep, but that's the only time I have felt scared. My dog sleeps in our room, sometimes, and starts to shake like she's scared, looking in one spot and growling. It's not just me and my wife experiencing things: my friend stayed a couple days, and he said at 3:00 in the morning, he heard little kid footsteps running through the house. It sounded like shoes; yet, my son was asleep with us with the door shut to our room. My niece came the other night and stayed, She said she heard cabinets opening and shutting and also footsteps. She said she's not staying anymore. Where we live is a historical town. There's an old college about five miles from our house. It's called 'Keachi Women's College.' I read on the Internet that it was used as a morgue during the Civil War. They say you hear EVPs and footsteps there. A block away from the college is a newer cemetery as well as a confederate graveyard with about a hundred graves and a memorial. I have a picture I'm sending to you that I can't explain. It was taken in our living room with flourescent lights."