Soul Collector Ghost Mist?

Do the swirls of mist form what some might call a soul collector or an Indian and horse?

"I think you will find these photos interesting. This photo was taken on this past Christmas Eve. The camera that was used is just a regular one with flash. I want others to be able to see them so members can study it and send me there opinion. A couple of my friends call it a 'Soul Collector' and I agree with them; but each person will see it different and their opinions will be respected." - Ed Tieman

"This photo was taken at the Orting Soldiers Cemetery and we visit it quite often and get many EVP's and photos there. It is a most interesting place. I do have two other photos that are very interesting that was taken that same night.

I do belong to a Paranormal Group called, Renegade Investigators of the Paranormal better known as RIP." - Ed