Ectoplasm Ghost Pictures

Ectoplasm Ghost Picture: BrazilStudy ghost pictures of ectoplasm mists and vapors...

What Is Ectoplasm?
Ectoplasm is the name given to a form of dense energy liberated by living things which is believed to make possible the materialization of ghosts. In short, it appears in photographs like a fog, or mist or vapor; and is what some might call, "spirit."

The photos on this page are just a few examples of ectoplasm ghost pictures captured by cameras. The submissions were collected and sorted, over several years, from different people who submitted their evidence to Angels & Ghosts. These images provide a reference point of what to look for in good ectoplasm ghost photographs as opposed to non-ghostly vapors caused by steam, moisture or smoke.

Ectoplasmic mist in a basement forms a human shape.How can we tell the difference between ectoplasm, and say, steam or smoke? We prefer to look for vapor trails (such as in the ectoplasm ghost picture example, up top) as an indicator that the mist is not a typical vapor caused by known sources. Vapor trails are not re-created through fog, breath or smoke that we have seen.

False Ectoplasm Pics
See what smoke from cigarettes and cold breath look like in comparison.

Many false ectoplasm pictures that we have received are created by either natural causes or mistake. Sometimes, new ghost investigators are not careful enough to rule out common explanations for mists in photos. Moisture, fog, cigarette smoke and human breath in cold weather can produce some believable ectoplasm-like ghost pictures. Be sure to hold your breath while attempting to snap ghost pictures and do not smoke during your investigations for positive results. Look for pronounced vapor trails as an indicator of real, paranormal presence.