How to Photograph Ghosts

How to Photograph GhostsTricks to improving your odds of photographing a ghost...

Capturing ghosts in pics can be tricky and no method seems tried and true - yet. Ghosts have been photographed using all sorts of methods; however, most ghost pictures have been "happy accidents." What if we could increase the odds, though? There are several observances we have made over the years while reviewing personal accounts and examining thousands of images of possible ghosts.

How to Make a Ghost Hunting Camera

Make a Ghost Hunting Camera

Learn how to make a ghost hunting camera...
How to Make a Ghost Hunting Camera

Ghost Hunting Camera

Making a simple ghost hunting camera...
Full Spectrum Camera

Full Spectrum Camera

Learn about the full spectrum camera...

Ghost Pictures: Tips to PhotographyFirst, Choose an Active Location
This tip may seem too obvious, but we have investigated buildings and grounds that have had a lot of ghost activity and many more that had little to none. Once you gain experience as a ghost investigator, you'll know when a place is active. Take note: If you can find an active haunting with lots of ghost interaction, you will improve your odds of having experiences and collecting evidence of the paranormal. One of the best ways to find a fantastic haunting is to join a reputable, local ghost investigation club. They are more likely to get the calls and e-mails from people who are being troubled by bothersome ghosts in your area.

Increase the Range of the Camera When Taking Ghost Photos
If a ghost hunting camera can see more spectrums of light, the greater the chance there is of photographing a ghost moving in and out of different frequencies. A full spectrum camera will increase the odds.

Increase Exposure Time for Optimum Ghost Picture Taking
Why not mount the camera on a tripod and lengthen the exposure time the camera's eye can see? We've noticed that several ghost pictures of apparitions have been taken using a slow shutter speed.