Slow Shutter Speed Apparitions

Can lengthened exposure increase the chances of photographing ghosts?

We've noticed, after viewing thousands of ghost photographs over the past several years, that some of the apparitions we are receiving have been captured with cameras using a slow shutter speed (lengthened exposure). Could ghost photography using lengthened exposure be a better way to record images of ghostly apparitions? We are beginning to experiment with this idea in mind.

You might wonder why we are receiving quite a few ghost photographs utilizing slow shutter speeds. The reason is that digital cameras provide settings for low-light conditions, often badged as a night time or brightness adjustment in the menu of the camera. In order to brighten the photo while photographing in darker environments, the camera allows the shutter to remain open longer, lengthening the exposure time. Most people using their digital cameras are unaware that this takes place and unfortunately use these settings without a tripod. This often results in producing blurry photos, sometimes with orange haze, balls of light, or squiggly-looking light anomalies. These strange effects are not ghosts but are the result of not keeping the camera still.

As we examined some of these pictures, we have become aware that even though a photo might contain many non-ghost anomalies, there still can be good apparitions found within these images. This leads us to believe that perhaps using the camera properly, while lengthening the exposure time, might be the best way to capture ghosts in photos!

The above three photographs were all captured with a longer exposure time and possibly contain evidence of apparitions. Can slower shutter speeds help the camera to see better? Could this increase the chance of photographing ghosts? Maybe, so.

We know what you might be thinking: These are not true apparitions but simply people accidentally walking into the frame when the photograph is taken. Yes, we considered this, too. Therefore, we questioned many of the photo owners about this possibility. In most cases, the photographers were able to verify for us that no one had inadvertently walked into the scene while the pictures were being taken. Our interest was peaked. This finding has caused us to write two articles to compliment this one: Ghost Hunting Camera and Photographing Ghosts.

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