Bisbee Ghost Girl Picture

Angela sent us this amazing ghost picture of what may be the Bisbee Ghost Girl:

"My family and I were on a ghost tour in Bisbee, AZ when this picture was taken. The image was captured when the tour group stopped by a park that used to be a cemetary. The photo is blurred because I was taking a lot of pictures on my digital camera using different settings. Since I am not a proficient photographer, I was doing this to see what kind of setting would look best. I understand that some people might discredit this photo because of its blurriness. I do want to point out that although this image is blurry, you can clearly see what appears to be an apparition of a little girl in the bottom center of the picture. I did not notice this little girl until we came back from our trip. I was going through each picture on my computer when I noticed her. It looks like she is wearing pajamas and holding a book. It also looks like she might be carrying a teddy bear. She looks curious as to what is going on with our group. I have included the before and after photo of the same shot. The pictures were taken right after each other. I have also included a close-up of the ghost girl. I can assure you that there were absolutely no kids on this ghost tour. "

She appears to be dressed in an older nightgown or dress. Even though this picture was taken using a night time setting which lengthened the exposure, there is no explanation for how the girl appeared in the image. We are seeing a pattern with this. Learn more at: Slow Shutter Speed Apparitions. You may share kind thoughts with Angela by e-mail: .